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DIY Fabric Gift Wrap Step by Step Sewing Tutorial

Reusable fabric gift wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wrapping paper. It’s also beautiful and easy to make! Learn how in this step by step tutorial.

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How to sew DIY gift wrap - tutorial

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How to Make Fabric Gift Wrap

Cloth wrapping paper is easy to make! You can even use it to master Furoshiki, the Japanese art of gift wrapping or Bojagi, the Korean equivalent.

Fabric gift wrap is beautiful and eco-friendly, as you can reuse it year after year. Assign a different print to each family member.

Making fabric gift wrap is easy!

How to Sew Fabric Wrapping Paper

There are actually two ways to sew fabric wrapping paper.

Method 1: Two Layer Gift Wrap

You’ll want to use thin weight fabric for this method.

First, stitch two layers of fabric together, wrong sides together. Leave an opening to turn right side out.

Now, turn the entire thing right side out. You can either hand stitch the opening shut or top stitch all the way around. I prefer top stitching, but either method is fine.

Method 2: Single Layer Gift Wrap

This second method is just like sewing cloth napkins, and with my tips you don’t even have to iron, unless you want to.

I still recommend choosing thinner fabric where possible, just because they are easier to work with. But you can use thick fabric if you prefer.

sew reusable wrapping paper

For this method, you create a rolled hem all the way around. There are several ways to accomplish this, but my personal favorite is to simply manually roll the fabric over and pin it in place with Wonder Clips.

If you haven’t discovered Wonder Clips yet, you need to! For securing edges like this they work better than straight pins, and you don’t need to worry about sharp ends.

If you don’t have wonder clips, you can iron and pin or simply pin. But, seriously, try the clips!

How to make fabric gift wrap

Stitch all the way around, and you are all done!

Tutorial for Sewing DIY gift wrap

You can then wrap and tie with ribbon, pin in place, or try out some of these Bojagi gift wrapping techniques.

Do you have a favorite way to wrapping gifts with this fabric gift wrap? I’d love to see photos, especially if you use our sewing tutorial!

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