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Disney On Ice!

Disney On Ice always delivers an amazing show, and 2019’s Dare to Dream performance is no exception! Scroll to the end of the post to learn how to get a Disney On Ice discount code for the 2020 Mickey’s Search Party show playing in the Bay Area February 19th through March 1st! Keep reading for our review of last year’s show.

Disney On Ice always delivers an amazing show, and this year's Dare to Dream performance is no exception!

I consider Disney On Ice one of the coolest kids’ shows out there, so when I was offered tickets to attend this year I was thrilled!

Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream Review

This year’s Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream show featured Disney movies where the heroine had to be particularly brave. Starting with classics like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, the show moved onto more recent films like Tangled, Frozen, and Moana.

Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream - Frozen

Disney On Ice shows are pretty long, running close to two hours with a 15 or 20 minute intermission.

This seems like a long time for young children to sit, but the show is full of action, non-stop! A show host provides entertainment during the very few moments when scenery is changing in more than a few seconds.

Disney On Ice Special Effects

Rapunzel aerial moment in this year's Disney On Ice Dare to Dream performance.

This Aerial performance was my favorite moment in the show! My 13-year-old also spoke at length after the show about how much she adores this use of Rapunzel’s hair.

Disney On Ice Dare to Dream review

We were all amazed when the stage lit up with real fire during Moana’s scene with Te Fiti. Incredible!

Disney On Ice Humor

Anna and Olaf at Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream

Disney movies are full of clever humor, and this was incorporated into the show. They even had to put Olaf’s eyes back on after they fell off!

All in all this was an incredible show that my kids are still talking about, pretty much non-stop! With so much to see, the time with fly!

Disney On Ice Discount

Join Mickey and his friends at Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Search Party, a brand-new adventure filled with world-class skating, high-flying acrobatics, and unexpected stunts! Help follow magical clues in the search for Tinker Bell by visiting the spirit realm with Miguel, sailing the ocean with Moana, and singing with Elsa. Become immersed in the fantastic worlds of Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Toy Story and The Little Mermaid as the search party becomes an all-out celebration! Playing from Feb 19- Mar 1. Get your tickets today and save 25% on tickets with promo code INF1!

Here’s a sneak peak of this year’s show:

Have you ever been to a Disney On Ice show? What did you think?

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27 thoughts on “Disney On Ice!”

  1. My husband and I usually took our kids to Disney on Ice during winter break; we have such great memories of the kids mesmerized! We were just talking the other day in the car that it’s sad our kids are too old for it now. We still try to find a show all the kids will like, but it gets harder to find. Blue Man Group was a hit last year but I wasn’t able to find a show this last December so we did a movie instead. I’d love for Stomp! to come to Boston!

  2. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?

    Disney on Ice hits our area in October every year. My girls request to go every year! It’s such a fun show!

  3. We love Disney on Ice! Last year my toddler and I went to 4 shows! They are like my Dream company to work with– I can’t wait to go to more shows!

  4. Lynda @MommyPowers aka: Sandy Gram

    I really like the multicultural aspect of this show…thinking we need to see it!

  5. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    How awesome that you’ll get to go! I am going back and forth on going, but my daughter is not at all interested in Disney anything.

  6. Annie {Stowed Stuff}

    We’ve done a lot of Disney On Ice Shows with our oldest kids, but now I feel like little Owen is missing out. Perhaps I should take him next time it hits Boston!

  7. I love ice skating. J does too!! J would love something like Disney on Ice. We’re doing pretty good on not overscheduling goal, so we’ll probably pass this time around on seeing it.

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