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Digital SLR Video and Filmmaking: Book Review

I’m always looking to learn more about photography, so when I was offered a review copy of Digital SLR Video and Filmmaking For Dummies (Amazon affiliate link) I said of course! This book is an excellent introduction to making videos using an SLR camera! I found the parts about using different kinds of light and camera angles most helpful. So far I have always relied on natural light for videos, which works great when the sun is out, like in this clip:



And not so much when it is not:



The book talks a lot about the importance of using a tripod, and different tripod options. My video is always shaky, so I should probably follow that advice!

Much of the book is more detailed than I care about, as someone who is mainly shooting short family video clips. Adobe Premiere Elements is the only editing software it discusses in much detail.

The book also has a section on making a stop-motion film that I wanted to put to use, but my tripod broke (fair enough; it was several decades old) so I decided to wait until I had a new one. Do you own a tripod that you like and recommend? What are your best SLR video tips?

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7 thoughts on “Digital SLR Video and Filmmaking: Book Review”

  1. I haven’t taken much video on my SLR but I would definitely recommend a tripod! I don’t know what brand mine is. It’s a sturdy hand me down from my dad that works great so far!

  2. Elisa | blissfulE

    I have not yet figured out how to shoot video with my DSLR. I got my tripod for free from the person who sold me my second-hand camera. It is much better than the short and basic tripod I had bought myself (which I then sold on to someone else). I appreciate the ease of adjustment and stability of my new one over the other one, so those are two features I would keep in mind.

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