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Delightful Free Felt Sewing Projects for Christmas

Sew your way through the holiday season with these delightful free felt sewing projects for Christmas.

Delightful free sewing projects for the holiday season

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One of the highlights of my childhood was the sewing projects that my mother would help me make at Christmas time. Mostly, I sewed ornaments for our tree. Now my children are continuing on this tradition. We started off sewing very simple ornaments. Now all four of my chidlren (aged 4, 7, 9, and 10 years old) are able to stitch around the edges, and their projects are more complex. I won’t be surprised if next year they pull some projects out of Craft A Day to make! In the meantime, I have a lovely collection of free sewing projects from blog friends for us to work through!

Materials for Sewing at Christmas

All of these projects require only a few materials. Here are the basic materials that you need to make these projects. Any additional special materials are noted below the links.

Delightful Free Felt Sewing Projects for Christmas

Here are all of the projects that I have collected to make:

Sew your way to Christmas with these fun projects!

Do you have a free Christmas sewing project that we should add to this list? Please let me know!

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