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December 2020 Goals

Monthly goals for December 2020. Creating a mindful holiday season

December 2020 Goals

Holidays in 2020

This year has been so different in so many ways, and this year is no different. Normally, December is a month of concerts for my musical family. We have a couple of virtual events, but it’s not the same. Setting monthly goals does help me focus on what I personally care about the most.

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Looking Back at November 2020

I mentioned last month that life has been super complicated here. It turns out that my husband Mike has cancer, and we had a few really difficult months while we figured out what exactly was going on.

It turns out that his cancer is stage I, and easily treatable. He’s starting treatments this month, and they will hopefully not impact how he feels too badly. I had cancer as a child, and we lost Mike’s dad to cancer, so this isn’t our first time navigating cancer centers. Which, I think, is mostly a good thing.

We got that news BEFORE Thanksgiving, so we had a very grateful Thanksgiving, indeed.

I did finish Emma’s quilt, which is now happily living in her Harry Potter inspired cupboard under the stairs bedroom. There is another room in the house that could be her bedroom, and that she basically claims as her bedroom. But she likes this little cupboard to sleep in. I daresay it is quite a bit cozier than Harry’s!

Finished Kite Flight Quilt

I edited some of our photos and took holiday photos for several families (I freelance as a photographer).

That tween face mask tutorial is still not done (my pleat tutorial is still live, of course). Maybe this month? I don’t know…

December 2020 Monthly Goals

December 2020 Goals

Here are my December goals:

  • Organize the house. This post is actually late because I’ve been organizing instead of blogging all week. The house DOES look better! Focus area: gratitude and mindfulness
  • Enjoy Christmas at home. We put our tree up mid November, because we needed something to balance out cancer stress. I usually make a DIY advent calendar, but opted for a storebought jam calendar instead this year. We are doing our Christmas carol advent calendar. Focus area: gratitude and mindfulness
  • Plan something fun for New Year’s I’m sure we’ll use our Word of the Year generator. Focus area: gratitude
  • Sew. Maybe for that tween mask tutorial, maybe something else. I have a bunch of project ideas to choose from. But sewing makes me happy. Focus area: gratitude and education
  • Celebrate my son’s birthday! Focus area: gratitude
  • Keep things simple wherever we can with Mike going through radiation. Focus area: mindfulness

I’m speaking in this family summit, too, but that’s already recorded so it doesn’t need to be a goal!

What are your monthly goals for December 2020? Are you going to choose a word of the year for 2021?

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. The quilt looks great! And I love her Harry Potter room, it is definitely more cozy than Harry’s was.

    Life has been crazy, so I haven’t been keeping up as well as I would prefer either.

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