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December 2012 Goals!


My primary goal for November was gratitude, and I especially enjoyed spending lots of quality time with baby Anna, who is growing up very quickly! I had a lot of fun with my three other kids, as well – we grew salt crystals, made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, visited the Boston Museum of Science, and got a sneak preview of the newest season of Curious George – be sure to check out the giveaway in that last post, if you haven’t already!

We also enjoyed a fun birthday party for Johnny (early, so as not to conflict with everyone’s Christmas plans), made this cute handprint turkey, and enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house. We have our Christmas tree up, and we made a couple Christmas crafts: this handprint ornament for Anna, and a family handprint Christmas tree – which I plan to redo in felt as a keepsake Christmas decoration.

My other goal for November was organization. I got quite a bit of decluttering done, but not a lot of organizing. Halfway there? We were all sick (to varying degrees) for the second part of the month, and I will always prioritize cuddling my baby over organizing. And babies are always willing to be cuddled. My kids are also currently always willing to do an activity with me, and I want to make the most of that while they are young and so appreciative of my attention. Their creativity always makes me smile, like a rainbow during hard times.

monthly goals at mama smiles

I have several December goals, but I hope they will prove doable:

  • Focus on gratitude. Target Areas: gratitude and education (about the spirit of Christmas)
  • Make Anna’s stocking. Target Area: gratitude
  • Do something to make Advent a bit more present in our lives. If you have a favorite Advent tradition, I would love for you to share it in the comments! Target Areas: gratitude, peace, and education
  • Pick or make a paper planner for 2013 – recommendations here are also appreciated! Target Areas: peace, gratitude and education
  • Play lots of Christmas music, because I love it. Target Areas: peace and health
  • Enjoy lots of family time. Target Areas: gratitude and peace

What are your plans for December? If you have a goals post, I would love for you to leave a link in the comments!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. You are amazing in your ability to parent 4 kids joyfully and mindfully. I hope you have a fantastic December. My big goal for December is to stay relatively healthy, rest a lot and enjoy Christmas!

  2. One of my all time fav pics of you two!!! Hope it’s framed somewhere! You got me on the gratitude goal last month and it will continue. I try to find something I’m thankful for everyday. I love taking nature pics and what I see around me, Instagram has made me stop and smell the flowers! :) Happy December!

  3. Love your goals post – we have very similar goals this month. I definitely planning to extend my gratitude focus from November into December and planning activities to focus on Presence this Holiday season. I will be sharing about that soon — feeling a little behind with so many things that I want to write. :)

  4. For December, I am going to try to do crafts with my kids. Christmas ornaments and an art project around Arthur Dove, an abstract artist. We are also planning to expose the kids to theater arts with Boston Pops Kids concert (our first time), What the Dickens dance performance (my friend’s kids are dancing in it), and Blue Man Group (we have “poncho” seats … sounds messy!)

    And I want to have the kids help with holiday presents for teachers so that it’s a little meaningful. We might try to deliver a meal on Christmas day; we got shut out at Thanksgiving but I’m not sure if the kids can be torn away from their gifts that morning. But I’ll try!

  5. Wow – you had a busy November! I’m so amazed at the amount you accomplish. Can’t wait to see Anna’s christmas stocking! Hope you are all feeling better!

  6. I don’t have a goals post, but I love the idea. Maybe next month. I also need to get a planner for next year., I’d like to have daily household, homeschool, and blogging plans together. Is there anything specific you’re looking for?

    Found you through twitter

    1. I want one that shows a week at a time, with a way to list activities for all six family members. And extra room for other things. I’m considering making one with Microsoft Publisher, and I’ll share that on my blog if I get it done.

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