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Cute And Easy Winter Art Projects For Kids

Get creative with these cute and easy winter art projects for kids. Make snowman and polar bear paintings.

Adorable winter art projects for kids: sponge painted snowman

Cute And Easy Winter Art Projects For Kids

Winter often means more indoor time, which makes it a great time for art projects. These two snowman and polar bear painting projects are adorable projects that my kids learned how to make at school. If you live somewhere where you actually get snow, be sure to give this icicle painting activity a try, too! It’s one of our favorites, but we don’t have much opportunity to enjoy it since we moved to California.

Snowman Winter Art Projects for Kids

Both Johnny and Lily made these snowmen as art projects in second grade. Johnny recognized the project from last year when Lily brought hers home this year! It’s fun to have two samples to see different ways you can make these snowmen.

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Snowman Art Materials

Here are the materials that you need to make these snowmen:

Sponge painted snowman winter craft for kids.

How to Make This Snowman Winter Art Project

These snowmen are easy to make!

  1. Use a sponge and white paint to outline your snowman.
  2. Paint on a mouth and buttons (if you choose to use paint instead of other materials for these).
  3. Once all the paint has dried, glue on googly eyes, fabric or fancy paper accessories, and arms.

Winter Art Projects for Kids: Three Polar Bears

This adorable three polar bear art project is easy to make, and it pairs beautifully with Jan Brett’s picture book, The Three Snow Bears. Be sure to also check out these other The Three Snow Bear book activities.

The polar bear art activity goes beautifully with Jan Brett's book, The Three Snow Bears

Polar Bear Art Materials

Here are the materials that you need to make these three polar bears:

How to Make This Polar Bear Art Project

  1. Outline your hill and the three polar bears in white chalk.
  2. Get out your white paint. You will use quite a bit for this project!
  3. Use a large brush paint the snow on the hill.
  4. Splay out your paintbrush to paint in the bears. A paintbrush with short bristles works best.
  5. Use a paintbrush to paint on the snow.
  6. Use black paint to add eyes, noses, and to mark the inside of their ears.

Adorable, right?

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