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Curious George Learning + Stride Rite Shoes #Giveaway!

celebrating a new season of Curious George

My kids and some friends enjoyed some fun activities to kick off the new season of Curious George yesterday afternoon! We measured everyone’s height, they colored butterflies to hide and find,

Curious George crafts from PBS

And they made critter catchers that reinforce the difference between mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects:

making creature catchers from PBS

Then we settled in to catch a sneak preview of the newest season of Curious George, which goes live on PBS stations across the US this coming Monday (December 3, 2012):

enjoying the newest season of Curious George

Check your local listings for times. You can also download the activity sheets we enjoyed here. This is probably my favorite PBS KIDS show – I love that George has the same innocence and insatiable curiosity today that he had when I was a kid, and there really is a lot to learn through his adventures.


George the monkey loves to play, which is why stride rite – the maker of Made 2 Play shoes – is a perfect sponsor for Curious George. We LOVE stride site shoes – as a baby, now-six-year-old Emma would actually scream if we put her in shoes made by any other brand – so I’m thrilled to offer a $50 Stride Rite gift certificate to a reader of this blog with a US shipping address. All you need to do is fill out the form below:

This giveaway has now ended. Congratulations, Beth B.!

Here are a few of my favorite comments about Stride Rite:

  • For 90 years they’ve known that every steps counts and are watching out for our children’s feet.- Kim
  • I love the classic styles that hold up through rough and tumble wear! – Brigette
  • The fit and durability are better than any other brand for kids! We’ve been buying Stride Rite for 9 years and 4 kids – Sarah
  • They are the only ones that offer wide sizes and my boys have such wide feet! Thank you for making shoes for my wide-footed boys! – Rebecca
  • They seem to be comfy in my daughters feet because she doesn’t throw them off as often as other brands!!! – Emily
  • Stride Rite = quality! I trust them for my kids. – Christy
  • I having been buying their shoes since my daughter could walk. I love their styles and the shoes are so durable. – Mamaintheburbs
  • My mom always stressed the importance of wearing proper shoes to give your feet the support they need. I believe Stride Rite has excellent support for growing feet. – Susan

Here are a few of my favorite comments about Curious George:

  • I like the way Curious George babbles because my toddler sounds similar. :-) -Catherine
  • Curious George makes my son laugh! – Jennai
  • He inspires curiosity in my little guy. :-) – Charise
  • I grew up reading Curious George and I think curiosity is one of the greatest attributes a person can have. – Marie
  • He’s sweet and innocent and always ready to try new things! And I don’t have to worry about ANYTHING inappropriate for kids when mine are watching!! – Michelle
  • Curious George is always experimenting and trying new things (even though he usually makes a mess or does something wrong). – Trisha
  • George has similar qualities to my 3 year old. – Jessica
  • I love how curious he is about exploring his surroundings. He can’t help but investigate. His predicaments stem from his curiosity, not from a desire to cause problems. And he’s just so cute! – Carolyn
  • My house loves Curious George! He teaches math, science, and much more. We watch them everyday and just can’t wait for the new season! – Jessi

Do you have a favorite PBS KIDS show? Did you read Curious George growing up?

I received a DVD with the first three episodes of the new season of Curious George, as well as promotional items. All opinions are my own.

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

24 thoughts on “Curious George Learning + Stride Rite Shoes #Giveaway!”

  1. We love Curious George at our house. We watch him everyday! He teaches my kids so much…math, science, thinking skills. Sometimes I have to ask how did you know that? The response is I saw it on George!

  2. My Little Mister LOVES Curious George!
    Just wanted to let you know that I linked you in my newest post. We made a shape nativity based on one I saw on your page!
    Thanks and Be blessed,

  3. We love Curious George in our house. J enjoys that the monkey makes mistakes and gets into trouble but typically all is well, if not better, by the end of the book. I figure that we don’t personally grow if we don’t make mistakes along the way.

  4. Kim @ The Eduators' Spin On It

    We love George at our house too! I love how he teaches science and math and most certainly does spark that natural curiousity in life. Love the giveaway for Stride Rite! Crossing my fingers!

  5. Hope I win, I love Stride Rite shoes. I am already thinking of activities to keep the kids busy during Christmas break, I bought a 300 piece puzzle yesterday at Walmart, so that’s a start.

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