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Creative Writing Books Kids Love

Find creative writing books kids love – and that inspire them to write every day!

Books that inspire kids to write.

Nine-year-old Emma LOVES to write, so when we were offered the opportunity to review Rip the Page!: Adventures in Creative Writing by Karen Benke I was happy to say yes! I am always looking for creative writing books kids love! This book as well as Write Back Soon!: Adventures in Letter Writing which Benke was also kind enough to send were BIG hits with my budding author! Emma is a pretty good snail mail letter writer, and she loved getting new ideas  from Write Back Soon! of ways to get creative with her letter writing.

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Creative Writing Books Kids Love

Teaching kids to write creatively

Creativity is a critical part of the writing process, and these books do an amazing job of scaffolding creativity. I love all the different ways Emma could find to write for the exercise above. Mike did have a mild panic attack over that first item on her list!


Emma is loving all of the creative ideas in the Rip the Page! I love the emphasis within both books that we received on being creative and trying new things. These books are all about creative exploration – with lots of room for the kinds of mistakes that can lead to great discoveries. We loved it enough to add it to our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

This spiral writing exercise caught seven-year-old Johnny’s eye, and he took off in his own direction to create the word picture art:

Creative writing activities for kids

Karen Benke wants to encourage more young writers to get creative, so she has generously offered one of my readers with a US mailing address a package featuring all THREE of her books:

We haven’t read Leap Write In! yet, but it’s on Emma’s wish list and I am sure we will be buying a copy soon. To enter, just follow the instructions in the rafflecopter below:

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How do you encourage your children to get creative with their writing?

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts ever! I love Emma and Johnny’s writing samples shown here. Emma’s last sentence, “I can write with color and feelings scrabbling on the blank, white stare of the paper”, is AMAZING. Go Emma go!!

  2. Elisa | blissful E

    So impressed with Johnny’s word art! I’d be surprised too if one if my kids said they could write about romance!! :)

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