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The Ultimate Creative Writing Assignment for Harry Potter Fans

Are you looking to add a little more writing to your child’s reading habit? Check out this brilliant creative writing assignment for Harry Potter fans!

Are you looking to add a little more writing to your child's reading habit? Check out this brilliant creative writing assignment for Harry Potter fans! #harrypotter #homeschool #edchat #writing #fanfiction

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It’s no secret that my kids are Harry Potter fans. It all started with my oldest daughter, who shocked everyone by tearing through the entire series in kindergarten. She has a rare ability to simply skip over parts that might frighten other children, and she has gone on to read the entire series over 40 times. She can recite quite a bit of it from memory at this point, and she wrote an essay about life lessons from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

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All this to say that, of course I said yes when I was offered the chance to review the new Nano Metalfigs Harry Potter line. The figures are pretty detailed, and it’s a great opportunity for older kids to engage in a little pretend play without feeling like they are “too old”.

Using nano metalfigs to promote storytime and plot development

All four kids love playing with this set, and being the nerd that I am I decided to use it as a homeschool tool as well.

Harry Potter Fan Fiction Creative Writing Assignment for Kids

Using Nano Metalfigs to promote creative writing

This year my three girls are homeschooling, but my son chose to stay at our local public school. This toy gave me an opportunity to bring him into our homeschool world as well. I asked him to set up the figurines, and then I asked eleven-year-old daughter Emma to write a story inspired by the set-up.

Emma’s Harry Potter Fan Fiction Story

At Hogwarts castle, Harry and Ron were in Gryffindor tower doing homework. Well, really they were trying to convince Hermione to do their homework for them.

“Hermione! We don’t have time to do this homework!” Ron said.

“Yeah, we have Quidditch!” Harry said.

“Quidditch takes up an hour a week. You do have time. You just aren’t efficient.” Hermione said, turning a page in her book. “I finished all of my homework on Wednesday.”

“But that’s because…” Ron started, then tried to think of another excuse. “We had a pajama party! And we had to eat dinner!”

“I did both of those too, and please don’t tell me that tonight you have scheduled…” Hermione said, finally glancing up at them out of her book.

“Another pajama party?” Ron said. “It’s not my fault I keep scheduling them. Harry told me Muggles have them, and they’re really fun! I love them! And this time I got Fred and George to get food!”

“Seriously, Ron?” Hermione said. “You are trying to avoid homework, and tomorrow Gryffindor is going to lose who knows how many points because you were avoiding homework! You’d probably get detention too.”

“Hermione, I’m done with Snape’s essay. Can you check it?” Harry said, holding out a piece of parchment with about an inch of writing on it.

“No. Okay, I’m leaving. You guys are so exasperating.” Hermione said, and walked into the girls dormitory.

“Weirdo. It would’ve taken her a second.” Harry said. “Should we get the decorations up for the pajama party?”

“Yeah. I had my dad go to a Muggle store. He had some Muggle money and spent ALL of it on random muggle stuff. But he got us a disco ball and a music player. Isn’t this stuff weird?”

“Um, I’ve seen that stuff before.” Harry said. “Now we just have to set up.”

“Okay. How do we get the disco ball onto the ceiling?” Ron said.

“Wingardium leviosa!” Harry said, and the disco ball floated up to the ceiling.

“Smart.” Ron said, and somehow turned on the music player. “Hey, they don’t have any of the normal people on here!”

“Um, yeah.” Harry said. “This is muggle music.”

“Oh.” Ron said. “That explains it.”

The boys set up the rest of the decorations, then Fred and George came in.

“Hey Harry.” George said.

“Hey Ron.” Fred said. “We got the food.”

“Okay, just put it on that table.” Ron said.

“Now we need to tell all the students. Just post this notice on the doors.” Harry said, and handed Ron a stack of papers.

“Okay.” Ron said. Then he started sticking the papers all over the place with Spellotape.

“Now, we wait.” Harry said.

They waited for a while, then the students came in.

“I love Muggle parties!” Ron yelled.

“Uh, Ron? Let’s keep it down. Remember we can’t have any of the professors know?”

“Oh, okay.” Ron whispered.

When the Fat Lady opened about an hour later when the party was in full swing, then everybody froze. Who was it?

It was all of the ghosts! “I invited all of the ghosts, hope you don’t mind!” Nearly Headless Nick said.

“Okay?” Harry said.

Then the party started up again, and it was really fun. Even Hermione came down!


Now it’s your turn! What story can your kids write using this set-up?

The ultimate creative writing assignment for Harry Potter fans

Do you have a favorite creative writing assignment for Harry Potter fans? How about any other fun writing assignment ideas? My eleven-year-old daughter has a goal to write 500 words a day in 2018. So far she’s keeping on track, and we’re always looking for new ideas of things for her to write about. Send any ideas our way, via the comments below, on my Facebook page or by tagging me on Twitter or Instagram

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    1. She has a goal to write 500 words each day in 2018. So far she’s right on track. She says she wants to up the goal to 1000/day next year. Writing is her passion!

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