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Creative Play with Fusible Beads


My kids really struggled with fusible beads the first time I pulled them out, but they have since gotten very creative with them, so they have become part of our rainy day activities! Ours are Pyssla beads from IKEA, but you buy Perler beads in most stores, and they are the exact same thing, at least as far as I can tell!

The kids are a little Star Wars crazed at the moment. Johnny (five years old) discovered that Perler beads are perfect for making miniature light sabers, and Emma (seven years old) has gotten even more creative:


Can you tell which Star Wars character this is meant to be?

Princess Leia made out of fusible beads


Do your kids play with fusible beads? What’s the most creative thing they have made?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

14 thoughts on “Creative Play with Fusible Beads”

  1. I have seen these but never tried them. They do look like a lot of fun and I love how into Star Wars your kids are.

  2. Leah!

    We played with them a little a few years ago, and the kids loved it, and then I got some more and have promptly forgotten to get them out again…… I’m sure you’ve never done that :)

  3. My girls loved fusable beads but they had to do them at friends’ houses. It was so messy with the beads everywhere that I never bought any. I was so paranoid about choking hazards for the younger kids.

    1. Anna isn’t crawling yet, but once she starts I will have to be more careful. Johnny, Lily, and Emma are so close in age that none of them were putting things in their mouths much once Emma was old enough to enjoy fusible beads.

  4. I saw those at IKEA last time and considered them since I had so much fun with them growing up. Maybe next time, I’ll get some to try. They were very reasonably priced. I’m going to guess Princess Leia. How creative and cute!

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