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Creative Fun with Peekapak!

creative fun with Peekapak

We have reviewed a few subscription kits now, and the Peekapak Storytelling Adventure Pak we were sent to review this month was definitely five-year-old Lily’s favorite! Subscription kits are a wonderful way for parents to make room for kids to get creative without having to stock a household full of craft supplies. I think they are particularly helpful for working parents with limited time and grandparents looking to connect with grandchildren, but they can be a lifesaver to me as a stay-at-home mom, also, and my kids love them! I think they also make wonderful gifts – buy a subscription and the recipient gets to receive your gift all year long!

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Reviewing the Peekapak creative subscription service for kids

Peekapak kits come with a book, and then activities surrounding that book. Lily was very excited to open our kit and see so many fun activities waiting!

Reading through the Peekapak instructions - 5yo and 6yo

At age five, Lily falls right in the middle of the 3-7 target age range. She was able to complete many of the activities on her own, and where she got stuck, six-year-old Johnny was able to help her.

Creative storytelling with Peekapak kits

The crafts were easy, but fun, and clearly designed to promote storytelling and imaginative play.

Fun lighthouse craft from Peekapak - so clever!

I thought this lighthouse craft was particularly clever! It’s a tea light on top of a red plastic cup, with a second clear plastic cup holding the tea light in place. Very easy to put together, and so fun! Stickers were also included for decorating, but Lily remains her minimalist self so they weren’t put to use.

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What kinds of crafts do your kids love best?

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27 thoughts on “Creative Fun with Peekapak!”

  1. My kids love to find things in nature and then make crafts out of them! I guess hunting outside is part of the fun!

  2. My son likes working with paint, and textures, like glitter, feathers, or gems. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  3. My daughter loves paint, making collages, and we just spent well over an hour with clay and natural materials. Such fun!

  4. Hi Mamasmiles!! Thanks for sharing this great resource. The kids look like they’re having GREAT fun. Our local library has a similar service. I’m going to have to try both the paid and FREE ones to see which Niobe enjoys best. Right now she is still into painting, cutting, and pasting. Anything that includes those are a winner in our home. Enjoy the weekend! Jenelle

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