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Creative Play With Sidewalk Chalk


I’m a lifelong fan of Crayola, so when they offered me a chance to run a review and giveaway of their new washable sidewalk chalk and some new Color Wonder products I was happy to say yes!

My kids play with chalk all the time, and so I think a washable version is an EXCELLENT idea! Sidewalk chalk can be used in so many ways besides simply drawing! My kids love to crush it and turn it into paint, as well as drawing and  then pouring water over their images.


The kids tested the chalk very thoroughly. They were covered in it by the time they came in, and it did all wash out – off of them, and off the patio! The colors are beautifully vibrant, and they mix especially well when you add water – can you see the blue and yellow that seven-year-old Emma mixed to make green? I was happy that the chalk was able to stay together while wet pretty well, also. A couple pieces did break, but that’s standard with all the sidewalk chalk we have played with.


The colors look lovely dry as well. Can you spot the black chalk mast on Emma’s boat?


We have used a lot of Color Wonder products over the years – I love that they are mess-free. This shiny princess paper has been a big hit with Lily and her friends. It looks all glittery, but it’s a metallic effect – so no tiny glitter pieces everywhere! The Color Wonder Mini Stow and Go comes with three markers and a mini pad – and you can add three more markers! The marker holders will also fit regular Crayola markers, if you want to substitute those later.d

Want to win a set for your kids? Just leave a comment telling me why you love Crayola products and fill out the Google form below! This giveaway will run through August 3rd, when a winner will be chosen via random.org.


This giveaway has now ended. Congratulations, Rochel S.!

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The Crayola product, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Crayola. All opinions are my own.

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

37 thoughts on “Creative Play With Sidewalk Chalk”

  1. We have the 24 count of crayola crayons and a box of 10 that are from a different brand, but thicker for my toddler’s tiny hands. Yes the thicker crayons are more durable or her but I hate how the colors aren’t the “right” shade like they are with crayola!! That’s always my pet peeve with other brands.

    Crayola makes their crayons with the true representation of purple, green, red, etc. I suppose I should just grab the toddler style box at Target next time I’m there!

  2. LOVE Crayola! Love that they really are WASHABLE! And i love the huge variety of products they have as well as the coolest colors out there!

  3. Crayola products have passed the test of time . Crayola has expanded their products and evolved to meet the needs of generations of children.

  4. We love crayola products especially crayola color wonder. It keeps my kids from growing on the wall. They always. Want a new one when we go shopping.

  5. I love Crayola products because the colors are vibrant. The markers don’t dry out easily. Crayola makes the best products!

  6. We love that Crayola allows our kids to explore their creative side and boosts their imagination!

  7. I love how Crayola products last! The Color Wonder markers are always a big hit here — haven’t tried the glittery paper yet, but I know it would be a winner!

  8. I love crayola products so much when I was in Kindergarten I called crayons “Crayolas!!!” My teacher tried to teach me that they were just crayons. My dad went to school and set her straight. My 2 year old now called them “Crayolas” too. Can’t wait to take her to the Crayola Experience!

  9. I love crayola items! They always seem to work so much better than the off brand! We too love the color wonder items! I just got crayola washable dry erase markers and dry erase colored pencils and my daughter is excited to try them out!

  10. Crayola products is my first choice when picking out supplies for my 4 children. I love the color wonder products also for the little children just learning.

  11. I love crayola because they keep my son interested in writing and drawing.. things that now must of the children dont do due to the technology. Thank you..good luck everyone.

  12. I love Crayola Products because they encourage my kids to be creative and original and the variety of products keeps them busy for a long time. My daughter is using Crayola Markers right now.

  13. I love most Crayola products because of the fact that they’re washable! Granted, I wish they offered the 64 crayons in washable (or why don’t they make everything washable?) because so far we’ve been limited to the 16 box. Otherwise, I usually use Crayola :)

  14. Kids have so many rules these days. I’m forever mucking up the fun with parameters to keep the house free of unauthorized murals. With this Crayola line I can at least add, “It’s okay if it gets on you. Mommy can wash it off.” Finally, it’s okay for my kiddo to get messy – and it’s kinda fun for me, too. :)

  15. Love crayola! It’s the product I grew up with and I am super excited to share it with my daughter :)

  16. Crayola products are the best! Especially the crayons. Most other crayons are waxy and cheap feeling. Crayola I definitely one of those products that you have to get the brand name!

  17. I love Crayola because they have such a variety of products and they are always safe and often washable. Washable is key in our household as my daughter likes to write all over herself, her clothes, her blankets, etc. :)

  18. I love the quality of crayola brand products. I can always depend on them in my classroom.

  19. Crayola are the best. Nothing else compares. I have tried other crayons. The colors aren’t nice, and they don’t work well.

    I just don’t know why.

    Anyway, I think Crayola has the market cornered. There is just no alternaative product. Plus, they have washable, etc. The washable work really well for sewing as well. :) I use them all the time.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend Mama!

  20. I love Crayola products because they foster creativity. Color Wonder products are my favorite because there’s no mess!

  21. Elisa | blissfulE

    That is just so cool that you get to host a Crayola giveaway. :) Love your kids’ chalk creations!!

  22. I love crayola! As a preschool teacher, we always buy crayola art products because it stands the test of many hands. We always browse and buy from crayola products! Excited about this giveaway!

  23. Crayola crayons are best. The colors are crisp and bright. But the best part…they don’t break easily. Little hands just learning the correct grip can sometimes get over excited and Crayola crayons just take more than the cheaper versions. Rock on Crayola!

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