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Crafts With Dad: Lemon Writing

Mike is off on a business trip for the week. Before he left, he decided to spend some quality time doing crafts with the kids.

Of course, his first idea had to involve fire. He wrote the message using lemon juice, and then held a tea light underneath until the message showed up. Emma liked this activity, although it took a long time for the letters to show up. This is obviously an activity that requires a lot of parental supervision. Mike says it’s easy to burn the paper. He remembers doing this with his aunt as a little kid, and she actually caught the paper on fire.

20090215_0095 Next up was to make a case to protect our GPS unit. They started off with duct tape and paper…

20090216_0112 And made a very nice, robust case :)

20090216_0115 This last picture has nothing to do with Mike, but I thought it was really cute. Emma spent about half an hour reading Johnny books in their room this afternoon. He sometimes paid attention and sometimes read his own book at the same time. Just like Emma does when I read books to her.


MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Thanks, Kelley! My kids make my day every single day. Carebear, I’m very excited you’ll show my blog to your hubby – I think all dads should do crafts with their kids, even if it does mean they get out the fire and duct tape :)

  2. Oh, hilarious!! Leave it to dad to use fire and duct tape in the same craft lesson. Bet they all had LOTS of fun. For the first time ever, I’m going to share a craft idea from your blog with my dear hubby. Thanks for sharing!

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