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Coping With Sleep Deprivation: Top Posts of 2014

coping with newborn sleep deprivation

If you have kids, I can guarantee that you have dealt with sleep deprivation at some point! That fact combined with excellent advice from several of my blog friends has made my Coping With Sleep Deprivation post consistently popular. This post has been my top post in previous years; this year it did very well with 28,255 views. It’s a few years old, but this advice is timeless. Even champion sleepers take a few weeks to adjust to life outside the womb; this post is about how to cope with the sleep deprivation while you figure out the whole sleep thing! Some of my favorite tips came from parents whose children had sleep disorders or medical problems that meant that it was months or even years before they could sleep through the night.

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What is your top tip for coping with sleep deprivation? Do you have a favorite Newbery Medal book? Lois Lowry’s Number the Stars made a big impression on me as a child; I plan to introduce Emma to it when she is 10, the same age as the book’s protagonist Annemarie.

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If you blog, what was your third most popular post in 2014?

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  1. Sleep deprivation is never easy and I like how your suggestions are helpful, practical and doable! I like to think that sleep deprivation gets easier with each child; I think that it does but then it gets more challenging to deal with multiple kids on different sleep schedules. Thanks for sharing your kind and gentle advice!

  2. That is such a fabulous, encouraging post about sleep, and what a cute picture of Lily! :) My third most popular post was better photos

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