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Color-me Heart Valentine's Day Sewing Project

Cute Color-me heart valentines to sew with for for the kids this Valentine’s Day. A sweet Valentine’s Day sewing project.

Cute Color-me heart valentines to sew with for for the kids this Valentine's Day. A sweet Valentine's Day sewing project. #valentinesday #kidsactivities #tosew #tosewwithkids #tosewforkids #tutorial #sewing #sewasoftie

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Valentine’s Day Color Me Heart Sewing Project Tutorial

These color-me heart stuffies, inspired by our decorate-a-monster stuffies, are my all-time favorite Valentine’s Day craft for all ages! We sent one to my then-teenaged sister years ago, and she loved it so much that she now has it with her at college.

color-me heart friend Valentine's Day stuffie

If the kids look a little young, it’s because today I’ve updated an OLD post to feature in time for Valentine’s Day crafting.


Color-Me Heart Valentine Tutorial

These heart valentines are easy to make. You can sew them yourself and then give them to kids or help an older child sew them to keep or give to others.

  1. Cut a heart shape out of muslin (twice).
  2. Stitch together, leaving an opening for stuffing. I recommend a sewing machine, just because you need pretty small stitches with muslin.
  3. Trim seam allowance.
  4. Stuff.
  5. Stitch shut by hand, using a ladder stitch.
  6. Use fabric markers or Sharpie pens to add a face.
  7. Color yourself or give as a gift, along with fabric markersSharpie pens, or washable markers. We decorate ours with washable markers, so they can be decorated over and over!
color-me heart friend Valentine's Day stuffie

Johnny was good friends with his stuffie from the start! The Heart Friends seemed to get along pretty well right off the bat:

creative play with Valentine's Day stuffies

And they are having lovely adventures together!

creative play with Valentine's Day stuffies

Emma loved Valentine’s Day when she was small, so we’ve done some fun activities through the years! These felt hearts still make their way around the house, Anna still plays with our flannel board felt hearts, and I think next week I’ll show Anna how to make a felt woven heart. Maybe we’ll make an “I love you” handprint card again, too!

What is your favorite Valentine’s day craft? Who will you make this heart valentine for? 

Looking for non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas for friends? Here are a few ready-made ideas:

Do you have any fun non-candy valentine suggestions?

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  1. Love the idea of making the heart and giving it as a gift with pack of sharpies! And yes a face makes all the difference to a soft toy :)

  2. Joyce @Dinosaurs And Octopuses

    Those are absolutely adorable! And so clever! I would have never thought of using washable markers to make them “reusable”. Great idea!

  3. jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa

    I finally found a way to integrate teaching the children how to stitch. We have a long way to go to catch up to you but we’re having a go! Their Valentine cards are turning out lovely. At least the children will know how to sew on a button.

    Next, MacGyver wants to create a collage from fabric. Try taking a look at one of the books by Stella Blackstone like Secret Seahorse.

    1. The kids thought I was nuts when I started the actual sewing part, so I was glad they liked them so much!

  4. I just pinned this post to my Ideas to Remember and Share board. Your craft ideas are always so much fun! And then you have so many others that link up. I could be busy all day long looking at Valentine Crafts!

  5. Added at Mommy-labs! It is so cool how you can just add a face to something and it comes to life! I love your felt board too!

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