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Christmas Carol Advent Calendar Printable

Sing your way to Christmas with this fun Christmas carol advent calendar printable.

printable Christmas carol advent calendar

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Besides being fun, puzzles are an often overlooked educational tool. I’ve used puzzles to teach my children about the world. I also love using 4D Cityscape Time puzzles in our history lessons, as they allow children to see how historical events shape cities and countries.

I believe in hands on learning wherever possible, in all school subjects. So when I was offered the chance to review three new Dr. Livingston human body jumbo learning puzzles, I said yes. I knew these puzzles would be fantastic for teaching my children about the human body.

Using Puzzles to Teach Children About the Human Body

Sing – or listen – your way to Christmas with this fun Christmas carol advent calendar printable! You should be able to find all of these songs on Amazon’s Christmas themed Prime Playlists. The free download includes one template with one side left blank (print the last two pages double sided) you can fill in with your own favorite songs (or books or activities).

Christmas Carol Advent Calendar Printable

Sing your way to Christmas with this fun Christmas carol advent calendar free printable!

This year I thought it would be fun to make a Christmas carol advent calendar to enjoy singing with the kids throughout the month of December. I did create one blank page in the free printable advent calendar template so that you can print that out and substitute your favorite carols, books, or activities. I may use them for our picture book countdown this year instead of wrapping up the books – dual purpose cards! You can also print and laminate these pictures to make fun winter-themed bookmarks.

Sing - or listen - your way to Christmas with this fun advent calendar printable! The download include one template with one side left blank you can fill in your own favorite songs (or books or activities)

The backdrop for these cards is a photo my brother took near their house in Sweden. You can see the full picture (and discover more wonderful Christmas traditions) in my Christmas in Sweden post.

Sing Christmas carols throughout December with this fun singing advent calendar printable!

Set your printer to print double sided, and you will get the image on the front and the name of a carol on the back. I stuck with carols from this Christmas Carol Songbook so that, if you want to follow along, you can find all of the music in one place. This book has words, guitar chords, and melody, but no piano accompaniment. If you want a piano accompaniment, I like The Reader’s Digest Merry Christmas Songbook, which also includes the stories behind the songs, or the newer Merry Christmas Songbook. I used a mix of secular and religious carols that most people would be familiar with. If you prefer to listen your way through the month, there are some wonderful Christmas-song-themed Youtube videos.

Sing your way to Christmas advent calendar

I didn’t write numbers on the songs, but I highly recommend singing Silent Night on Christmas Eve. That is the day it was composed, and it is traditional in Austria (where it was written and first performed, and where I went to high school) to sing this song on Christmas Eve.

What is your favorite Christmas Carol?

Sing your way to Christmas with this fun Christmas carol advent calendar printable.

More Advent Calendar Ideas

Here are some more fun advent calendar ideas:

What are your favorite advent calendar ideas?

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  1. What a great idea! I love Christmas carols. I just can’t get used to singing them in the Southern Hemisphere when it’s so hot!

  2. Helen @ Witty Hoots

    This is just perfect for us this year. We cannot attend our usual carol service so this will be a great way to sing some of our favourites at home!

  3. Elisa | blissful E

    Beautiful! And what a brilliant idea! I think I will try to adapt this to advent songs, as we anticipate Jesus’ birth.

  4. Such a lovely idea. We love singing Christmas carols. This year my eldest daughter has learned how to play the piano and I am looking forward to listening to her play songs all holiday long.

  5. Our favorite carol is Silent Night. We will be singing our way to Christmas with you this year. I love this idea, great way to discover new songs.

  6. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    What a brilliant idea! I downloaded your printable, and we will be following along!

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