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Christmas at Blenheim Palace

If you enjoy light shows and Christmas decorations, you’ll love Christmas at Blenheim Palace. This is a fun day trip from Oxford.

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Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights

Christmas at Blenheim Palace

Last fall when we were living in Oxford, we asked our English friends for recommendations of fun ways to celebrate Christmas. We were told that a Blenheim Palace Christmas was well worth the hefty entrance fee.

Blenheim Palace Christmas

We had already visited Blenheim Palace, and it was absolutely transformed when we returned for a holiday visit.

Here’s a short little clip of a few of the highlights:

Inside the Palace

I have no idea how many lights, trees, and decorations cover the grounds at Christmas time, but it is a LOT! Inside the castle we found dozens of trees, and even a live actress playing the Snow Queen.

visiting Blenheim Palace at Christmas

There was a story with hidden mice and roses to keep younger children entertained. My teenagers were too cool for this, but my ten-year-old enjoyed it. Can you spot the mouse next to the owl in the middle photo of the collage above?

Outdoor Lights Show

I love Christmas markets, and I was pleased to find a small one outside the palace. Mike even bought a couple of Christmas presents there. Then we stepped into the palace gardens.

Blenheim Palace Christmas event

The gardens are enormous. I don’t think we came close to seeing them when we visited in the daytime; at Christmas there is a set path you walk that is around an hour long.

It was absolutely frigid the night we went. Thankfully there were stations along the path featuring (pricey) hot drinks and marshmallow roasting stations.

This is definitely a splurge activity, but I’m glad we went! We recommend the garden walk for anyone up for a lovely two mile walk, and the inside of the palace for anyone who enjoys intricate holiday decorations.

What are your favorite light shows, or indoor Christmas displays?

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  1. That sounds lovely. I’m with you and love Christmas markets and displays, but sadly they’re not super common here in Texas.

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