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Child-Designed Barbie Outfit

child-designed Barbie clothes

Emma designed this Barbie doll outfit using an old shirt. I particularly like the cowl-like neckline, the ragged edge on the skirt, and the use of a pipe cleaner to hold it all together. Very catwalk-worthy, I think!

child-designed Barbie clothes

And, much more importantly, a little girl who is pleased with and proud of her creativity!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

30 thoughts on “Child-Designed Barbie Outfit”

  1. The picture of Emma took me back to my own childhood. My mother was a good seamstress since her teens. She even repurposed uniforms her brothers wore in the Army, Navy and Air Force into beautiful ensembles to fit her gorgeous (18″ waist) figure! When Mom would sew, I’d gather any fabric scraps that fell to the floor for my Barbies. At Emma’s age, I was asked to sew for my sister’s and cousin’s dolls. By the time I was 12, my dolls had upholstered furniture, hats purses, even coats and suits with real mink trim! Yes, this poor little girl was hooked on both Barbie and sewing. I now work in a fabric store, advising, assisting and encouraging all customers in their craft and sewing projects. It is the time of my life each day at work! So, YAY, EMMA !!! I hope she will always love what she does, whatever it is. This grandmother is still a Barbie girl who loves to craft and sew.

  2. I think it was very good on how she created the layered skirt. It was nice that you have kept a picture of her first designs.

  3. It’s great that you’ve gotten a picture of her early work. I wish I had some of my designs from when I was six. I was very into dresses made out of Kleenex, I’ve been told. Perhaps her designs now will inspire her creations later.

    1. Kleenex would work really well, apart from tearing! I remember making somewhat bulky Barbie clothes out of felt – I think I was probably six years old, too.

  4. Nice one! The dress is so funky! Kids love to explore indeed! It’s great to see how they create things like this.. This girl is a future fashion designer!

  5. she is so proud! look at that sparkle in her eye! such a blessing that she has a mama who lets her express her creativity! do you have a future fashion designer in your house?

  6. This is gorgeous – it reminds me of my child hood. I learnt to knit by knitting my barbies 1980’s style popcorn jumpers to copy pictures I had of British and Australian pop stars!

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