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Chicken Shoes and Creativity

4yo creativity: construction paper chicken shoes

Johnny made this brilliant (at least to my mom-biased self) chicken shoes out of some construction paper and tape. They even fit him so that he could walk around in them, but I didn’t get a photo of that.

6yo creativity: button and glitter glue collage

Emma made this collage a few days later, using buttons (pulled off of old clothes – the ones she uses to design outfits.

Both creations ultimately wound up in the bin, but my kids learned a lot from both activities about using different mediums, 3D design, and durability of creations (Johnny’s shoes tore after being worn a couple times, and the peas that were part of Emma’s collage wilted).

learning laboratory at mama smiles

Learning Laboratory is a space to share the fun, creative, hands-on learning that happens in everyday life. I announced last week that, in a bid to simplify my life, I’m asking readers to share posts via my Facebook page or in the comments to my Learning Laboratory posts (this post, for this week). I will be posting links that are shared to my Pinterest Boards – including my Learning Laboratory board, and sharing a few favorites each week – so you still have the opportunity to be featured. Here are a few that I liked last week:

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19 thoughts on “Chicken Shoes and Creativity”

  1. Those shoes are great. I know what you’re talking about when you say they’re brilliant, I feel that way too when my kids use out of the box thinking and just blow me away with their creativity, good job Johnny!

  2. That is so precious! I just love it when kids share their imagination and it’s not filled with Nick Jr. cartoon characters! My son made his own scarecrow and used things from around the house and outside. Where he got the idea is beyond me but it was lovely to watch considering his Down syndrome is a challenge for him.

  3. I love this idea of open ended craft projects where you just get raw materials and make whatever you want. The chicken feet are adorable too! My son turns everything into weapons especially his deconstructed music stand. He turned the backpack straps of his guitar case into a weapon belt. It’s creative and a little funny but also so boy-like… why is everything a weapon?!

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