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Chemistry Experiments to Try at Home

Simple chemistry experiments to try at home. All of these experiments can be done with your children at home using everyday household items. This post has activities for all ages, and I also recommend a few kits for parents who want to try more advanced experiments.

chemistry experiments to try at home with kids

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Chemistry Experiments to Try at Home Using Everyday Materials

Most kids LOVE chemistry, and fortunately it’s all around it in our everyday lives! All too often we save chemistry for high school in a formal lab when there is plenty that can be learned earlier in life.

Most of these experiments use items that are already on your shelves at home. The other experiments are easily done following a quick trip to your local grocery store.

How to Learn Chemistry at Home

Simple experiments to try at home using everyday household items.

Chemistry Kits for More Advanced Experiments

Many chemical experiments can only be done in a lab, but these days there are some very impressive chemistry experiments that work in a home school or home enrichment setting.

I was lucky enough to review review Kiwi Co‘s Chemistry crates a while ago, and they are fantastic! Read the reviews by clicking on the images below.

The Happy Atoms kit is fantastic for teaching children molecular modeling.

chemistry at home

More Hands On Learning Activities for Kids

Today’s post is Day 4 in a 10 day series. Click on the image below to find more hands on learning activities for kids!

hands-on learning activities for kids

Do you have a favorite chemistry experiment for children that I should add to this list? I would also love to hear of any other chemistry kits that you recommend.

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