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Celebrating Lily


Today is Lily’s first birthday! It’s easy for me to think of Lily as this not-so-tiny newborn, but there’s no question in her mind that she is one of the kids, with all of the rights and privileges that come with “big kid” status. She mastered our climbing toys last week, and is generally unstoppable.

A few fun Lily facts:

  • Her first word was “mama”. Given the option, I suspect she would tie me to a leash and pull me around with her all day.
  • Her second word was “dada”. She waves goodbye to Mike every morning, and loves to hang out with him after work.
  • Her third word was “ball”. She doesn’t walk, but she can pick up a ball, stand up, and throw it. Pretty far, too.
  • Her fourth word was “baba”. She spends a lot of time every day taking care of her baby doll. Apparently baby dolls like to be put in and out of boxes. She and Emma enjoy playing baby dolls together.
  • She likes cars, and loves to drive them along the floor.
  • She asks to play the piano nearly every day.
  • She loves her family. She claps at the dinner table to see how enthusiastically she can get us to respond.
  • She’s a tease. She knows how to get Emma and Johnny riled up, and pushes their buttons on a regular basis.
  • Knowing how important letters are to Johnny, she now picks up random letters and says, “t, t, t”, “sssss”, or “k, k, k”.

Hooray for Lily!!!

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20 thoughts on “Celebrating Lily”

  1. Happy 1-year old Birthday to the adorable Lily sweetie :-) She must be the most lovable doll to everyone@home!

  2. What a cutie and how time flies! Lily is such a beautiful and smart girl, and she is lucky to grow in creative and warm family.
    .-= Natalie´s last blog ..Geography Track – German Castles =-.

  3. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    I cannot believe she is a year old already!! And she looks so grown up in that photo, and super-cute too! Happy Birthday to Lily!!
    .-= Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog´s last blog ..Tripping the Lights Fantastic =-.

  4. I think she is so pretty in that picture. I love how she insists on kissing me goodbye when I go to work (she learned from her mama). I also love how she puts her little arms around my neck, nuzzles her head into me, and gives me a big cuddle when I get home. She is the sweetest little 1 year old.

  5. Thanks everyone! =)

    @Ticia – It’s cute/funny unless the other kids are tired/hungry/grumpy, and then I have to run damage control…

  6. Elisa | blissfulE

    She’s amazing!!! Happy birthday, sweetie girl! :)
    .-= Elisa | blissfulE´s last blog ..catechism review =-.

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday Lily! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating her birthday.

    I loved reading this post too and getting a peek into what Lily is like. Jesse likes to drive cars along the floor and clap at the dinner table too. So sweet.
    .-= Susana´s last blog ..Hanna’s Frog =-.

  8. awwww, she’s such a sweetie. The boys’ first word was ball, and Mom was a long way down that list. Princess might have said Mom first, hers was more like everything at once.

    Is it cute or annoying that she riles up Emma and Johnny?
    .-= Ticia´s last blog ..Math Links- Finding numbers =-.

  9. Happy Birthday, Lily! She looks so grown-up :).
    .-= Jaimie´s last blog ..On the Road Again =-.

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