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First Grade Homeschool Curriculum

First Grade Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations: 1st grade English, Art, Science, Math, and History.

Our top first grade homeschool curriculum recommendations. There is something here for everyone, whether you’re new to homeschooling or just looking for some new ideas for a new school year.

Fun Math For Kids: The Best Math Games And Activities

how to teach math at home

A collection of the best math games and activities – fun math for kids that will keep them curious and learning. Hands on math you can do at home with everyday materials you already have in your house. Learn how to teach math at home and how to encourage a love of math.

Weather Unit for Teaching Children

Teaching children about weather

Ready to use weather unit. Learn about what determines the weather, weather around the world, cloud classification, and weather phenomena. Students learn to graph and record weather, and engage in creative problem solving. Free with the optional add on of paid printables.

Why Are Timelines Important?

Why Timelines Are Important History Tools

Learn why timelines are important for teaching kids about history and raising children who love history. Guest post by Amy Pak of Homeschool In the Woods for Mama Smiles.

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