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How Do You Catch the Tooth Fairy?

How do you catch the tooth fairy? Help the kids make a tooth fairy catching kit, plus more creative tooth fairy ideas. We especially love these tooth fairy crafts for preschoolers! How do you memorialize losing that first tooth? I love seeing each child’s unique approach on how to catch the tooth fairy.

crafts for the tooth fairy

My six-year-old was telling me that the tooth fairy forgot to leave her money for her second lost tooth as she fell asleep tonight. She also told me that she knew Dad was the tooth fairy, because apparently a super-tired dad wrote Love, Dad on the last tooth fairy note.

The entire exchange reminded me of a phase my three older kids went through a few years back where they worked and worked at making different tooth fairy catching kits. They never did catch a tooth fairy, but they came up with some creative tooth fairy ideas!

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How Do You Catch the Tooth Fairy?

If you want to catch the Tooth Fairy, you might want to start by making some pretty things!

crafts for the tooth fairy

Fairies like nature, so be sure to include some sticks in your crafting! They also like things neat and tidy, so be sure to make a broom:

crafts for the tooth fairy

Be sure your fairy has a pretty house to stay in, with lovely symmetrical artwork:

child-crafted fairy home

And don’t forget to include a bed with a soft pillow and some fairy snacks!

child-crafted fairy home

Created by Emma :)

More Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas

How to Trick the Tooth Fairy takes creative tooth fairy ideas to an entirely new level. What happens when you combine a prankster girl with a prankster tooth fairy?

Here are some fun tooth fairy crafts for preschoolers:

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How do you celebrate kids losing teeth in your house?

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18 thoughts on “How Do You Catch the Tooth Fairy?”

  1. Natalie PlanetSmarty

    My daughter told me that the tooth fairy owns her interest when it failed to appear for two nights in a row :) Cute traps!

  2. My kids have no subtly hinted at me when the tooth fairy has been late, “I’m putting my tooth RIGHT HERE, just in case the tooth fairy comes.”

    Very subtle.

  3. I love it!! Your kids are so creative!! Unfortunately, Kaia discovered the truth about the tooth fairy a few months ago when a very pregnant me was trying to sneak in and out of her bed to exchange her tooth for money. And, actually, it wasn’t my belly that gave me away – I couldn’t find where she’d hidden her tooth and woke her up looking for it!

    1. Family lore goes that the tooth fairy met an untimely demise in our house when child #2 decided to hide his tooth…

      Emma has no loose teeth even in sight, so she can dream a while yet =)

    1. Emma has yet to lose any – or get any loose teeth! Maybe that’s why she’s so set on having a talk with the tooth fairy!

  4. Ah, so sweet. Apparently the “tooth fairy” visited my kid’s school today. Emma G said she was wearing sneakers. :)

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