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Cardboard Crafting for Kids: Cardboard Robot

What will your children make when you give them this fun cardboard robot engineering challenge?

kid-designed cardboard robot at mamasmiles.com

Meet Robota! Seven-year-old Emma designed this cardboard robot on her own. You may recognize the string of IKEA battery-operated lights that LiEr (if you haven’t seen her blog, drop by immediately, it’s awesome!) sent us that we used to create our cardboard space shuttle with a couple years ago. Add in a nose from our (affiliate link) Makedo kit (she also used the safe-saw from the same kit for all of the cutting), some fabric from our box of fabric scraps, and some tape, and Robota was created!

kid humor at mamasmiles.com
 Foundation of Robotics & Prototyping

Emma decided that Robota needed to have a sense of humor, so she added this little comic to her front. I’ve seen this particular interaction with a lot of cats and dogs!

making a cardboard robot at mamasmiles.com

Robota got an information card, also – sort of like you see at the zoo, or some museums.

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Have you or your kids done any cardboard crafting lately? I love cardboard crafts so much that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to cardboard crafts, as well as a Google+ We <3 Cardboard group! And, my favorite link from last week’s Afterschool linky was this cardboard city from Lemon Lime Adventures  – can’t wait to make one of those with my kids!

What Afterschool learning and fun did your elementary school aged kids enjoy this past week? Link up your posts below – by sharing your fun and educational family activities in this week’s linky, you give us permission to feature your post and pin it to our After School Activities & Adventures Pinterest board – thanks!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Oh how I love her robot! I love every detail…I love that it’s made of abox…because we all love boxes around here! (maybe because we are always moving and we have a never ending supply!?) But the bow is just a perfect topper to an adorable robot!

  2. Robota is cute! Good job Emma! We had a lot of cardboard from online holiday shopping. The amount of fun and imagination one box gives a child never ceases to amaze me.

  3. I hadn’t thought of doing cardboard crafts to be honest! That’s a cute use for little cardboard boxes and scraps. Very cute robot!

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