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Cardboard Box Washer/Dryer

A fun cardboard box upcycle – make a washer or dryer for pretend play.


Emma’s been asking for a play washer/dryer for some time, so when I saw this booster seat box I knew exactly what to use it for.

I took the box apart and built it again wrong side out, so that the kids would have plenty of space for decorating. We made a door by tracing a saucer and then cutting with a kitchen knife.

Both kids had a blast decorating the box. I added some triangle, square, and circle buttons in different colors (at Emma’s request).


Emma is thrilled with her new washer/dryer – she couldn’t wait to tell Mike about it when he got home. Johnny seems to think it’s pretty cool too.

MaryAnne at Mama Smiles
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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

2 thoughts on “Cardboard Box Washer/Dryer”

  1. MaryAnne, I just found your blog today! It is fabulous! You do everything and do it so well. I love that you are into cardboard stuff- I, too, find it hard to throw boxes away without turning them into something else. And I turn the boxes brown side out, too, for the kids to decorate- oh, a kindred spirit! My girls are 4, 2 and 10 mths so I relate to the Princess-ness that goes on in your home. I love that pink fleece ice-skater dress you made for Emma. I must try that sometime – did you cut the entire dress in one piece on the bias and just insert triangle panels in the skirt?Here’s a post from my blog you might find mildly amusing: it’s all about cardboard. http://ikatbag.blogspot.com/2008/07/whats-in-box.htmlI had such an enjoyable visit here – thank you for making my evening!Lorraine aka LiEr

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