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Candy Experiments Book!


We love using candy for science experiments, so I was thrilled when we received a review copy of Loralee Leavitt’s Candy Experiments book (affiliate link)! I was even happier to see that the book includes simple explanations of why things happen the way they do.

We’re still busy packing for our coast-to-coast move, so we only had time for one experiment (so far), but my seven-year-old has spent HOURS poring over the book, and I know we will be doing lots of experiments with our Halloween candy this year!


This lifesaver sink or float density experiment works with molasses as well as corn syrup, but I like doing it with corn syrup because it looks a lot like water, but behaves completely differently! Plus, we had a third of a bottle of corn syrup that needed using. :)

The life saver floats on the corn syrup because it is so dense, but it sinks (and starts to dissolve) in the water, fairly quickly. It doesn’t dissolve in the corn syrup, I think due to a combination of the saturation of the corn syrup combined with its density.


We were all out of food coloring and I can’t justify buying it with a move in a week, or I would have tried adding food coloring to the two containers as well. It should disperse more quickly in the water (may not disperse at all in the corn syrup, without stirring – or very slowly). I also was curious to see how well the life saver would absorb the dye.

If you’re looking for alternative uses for Easter candy and Halloween candy, check out this book! It also makes for some great attention-grabbing demonstrations for chemistry class!

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Snackable Science is another great edible science resource for kids:

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  1. First off your kids are adorable! Secondly I love these experiments! And Third welcome to Social Fabric!!!

  2. What a great way to lure kids into science experiments! I hope I can pry some candy out of my kids’ hands to experiment on…

  3. What fun, experimenting with Candy! Could i do it? I might eat all the materials.


    No, really. :)

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