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Camp Galileo Review

Read our review of Camp Galileo, and learn why we love this innovative STEM and STEAM themed summer camp for kids. Enrolling your child this summer? Be sure to check out our discount code at the end of this post!

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Camp Galileo review post

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Last summer, Camp Galileo offered my daughter a free week of camp. She loved it so much that we wound up paying for two more weeks. Here is why we love this camp.

Camp Galileo: Why We Love This Summer Camp

As a huge advocate for creativity, play, and hands on learning, I am always looking for spaces that give my children space to learn and grow through creative play.

Camp Galileo does this beautifully! Last year, my daughter attended three different camps. Each week she built something that honed her engineering skills in a playful way while providing plenty of space for creativity.

Teaching engineering at Camp Galileo

First, she built this remote control robot. She loves birds, so of course she made her robot look like a bird.

She spent a lot of time building it, and at the end of the week she had a fully fuctional robot that also expressed her personality.

child built robot

The next week, she built this wooden chair. Once again, you see her interest in birds!

5th graders build chairs at Camp Galileo

It was really amazing for her to build a piece of furniture that she can use. It also has backpack straps so she can carry it around.

Lounging in the chair she built at Camp Galileo

The last week she built a PVC pipe water blaster. I don’t have photos of it, unfortunately, but she was really pleased with how far she got it to blast water. Everyone got soaking wet (in the happiest of ways) that week.

The kids also play games and watch the camp counselors perform skits when they aren’t building. My daughter loved her counselor, and I appreciated all of the child appropriate humor that was built into the camp.

What We Would Change About Camp Galileo

This is, honestly, a fantastic camp. She’s going back this year! The one thing I would change would be for them to have more themes. She would probably attend for more weeks this summer if there were more themes that she had not already done.

The camp even offers extended enrollment for parents who need a full work day; we didn’t take advantage of this service but the kids who stayed after seemed happy.

Camp Galileo Discount Code 2023

Use code 23SMILES15 to get 15% off of your entire camp in 2023! Yes, this includes multiple weeks and multiple children! Click here to register for camp.

Has your child ever attended Camp Galileo? What did You Think?

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  1. I agree – two thumbs up for Camp Galileo! The curriculum is great and the counselors are both responsible and fun. A really enjoyed several years of that camp when she was in elementary school.

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