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How Bunchems Inspire My Kids to Get Creative

Have you heard of Bunchems? These colorful little balls that stick and stay have really inspired my kids to get creative! Note that we received this product to review. You may also like these sensory play activities kids love.

How Bunchems Inspire My Kids to Get Creative

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How Bunchems Inspire My Kids to Get Creative

Have you heard of Bunchems? This fun new toys consists of colorful little balls that attach with little velcro-like hooks. The balls are very easy to stick together, and once stuck together they stay put until you choose to pull them apart. Pretty amazing! It’s easy to see why Bunchems was awarded the 2016 Toy of the Year Award for Activities!

Bunchems are the hit new toy with my kids. Really cool if you are looking for a rainy day creative toy.

The balls have small holes in them where you can insert details, like the eyes and ear-wings that bring this flying bunny to life.

Getting creative with Bunchems

It is easy to swap out accessories, so your Bunchems creations can take on disguises, inspiring all sorts of exciting plots.

Bunchems Alive make for all sorts of fun creative play!

The Bunchems Alive set includes a motorized stick-em ball. Add Bunchems balls and turn on the ball, and your creature has come to life!

You can’t really control where the motorized ball goes, which is part of the fun.

Making stop motion videos with Bunchems

Ten-year-old Emma created this non-motorized chick, who would assume a mustache and dark glasses as a disguise. He became quite the personality, even starring in his own stop-motion video.

I love the way she used the adaptability of Bunchems to tell this classic children’s story!

We highly recommend Bunchems! They are soft, easy, and fun to use. The fact that they can’t be used to create defined shapes frees kids up to explore whimsical characters. Characters can easily evolve to meet story plot needs.

Bunchems Hair Safety

Since Bunchems stick together using a series of tiny hooks (soft, flexible plastic, but still hooks) you want to keep them away from hair  and soft surfaces like carpets that they may stick to. Pull hair back before playing.

Watch this video for guidance in case Bunchems do get stuck in hair.

Have you ever played with Bunchems? Tag me on Instagram with a photo so we can get more inspiration for creative play!

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