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How to Make a Gorgeous Baby Handprint Keepsake

Learn how to make a simple DIY baby handprint ornament at home. You and your child will both love comparing their growing hand to this tiny print over the years.

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Baby Handprint Ornament

I’ve always admired handprint ornaments on trees, and decided that this was the year to give it a go! I ordered the Child to Cherish Marshmallow Clay Handprint Ornament kit, which made the project super easy! You can also use model magic for this project.

Child to Cherish Handprint set

How to Make a Gorgeous Baby Handprint Keepsake

We opened the box and got to work. I had a lot of help, as you can tell!

making a handprint ornament - getting out the clay

You need to knead the clay a little. This gets the air bubbles out, and eliminates any stickiness that it might have when it first comes out of the package. The clay is very lightweight.

making a baby handprint ornament

We used the smaller of the two hoops that are provided in the package, since Anna’s three-month-old hand is still quite small. The package also has a rolling pin, a straw to punch a hanging hole in the ornament, and red ribbon to hang your finished ornament on your Christmas tree.

getting clay ready for a baby handprint tree ornament

You have to press a baby’s hand quite firmly to get an imprint in the clay; thankfully Anna didn’t seem to mind.

making a baby handprint Christmas tree ornament

It is so neat to have a forever imprint of Anna’s tiny hand!

making a handprint ornament

Here’s a little video of the process.

Here is the finished ornament hanging on our tree:

Child to Cherish Handprint Ornament

Have you ever made a baby handprint ornament?

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18 thoughts on “How to Make a Gorgeous Baby Handprint Keepsake”

  1. What an excellent keepsake! We made both a handprint and a footprint ornament for our guy’s first Christmas. We also made handprints for his grandmas. Your helpers must have been great, because I remember it being VERY hard to press his hand down enough for the imprint. We ended up tracing the prints with a fine marker to help the print stand out.

  2. What a beautiful ornament and so impressed with all your “helpers.” We are also planning to attempt handprint ornaments this year. I hope ours turn out as well!

  3. What a wonderful process and perfect result! Look at that gorgeous detail!! What a wonderful keepsake.

  4. So sweet! I miss those baby days! Love all the photos, too!

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  5. When my little guy was little we used paint to put his handprint on an ornament. It was…challenging. This looks so much easier! Looks like it will be a beautiful keepsake!

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