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Building a K’NEX Dragon + Giveaway!

K'NEX Dragon from the Beasts Alive X Flame set

The kids and I had a great time building this K’NEX dragon from the K’NEX Beasts Alive X-Flame Building Set we were sent to review! It is a pretty complex set – it took the kids and I a couple of hours to build and we were so busy building it that we missed Anna’s gymnastics class… I didn’t grow up playing with K’NEX (my brothers had them, but I don’t remember ever touching them although I think they would have shared if I had thought to ask). K’NEX are awesome for building spatial awareness and fine motor skills. They are also an extremely high quality toy – one of only toys still being made only in the United States.

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Build a dragon that really moves with K'NEX!

I don’t think my kids could have built this on their own – there were too many times when they needed my help. With more practice and maybe getting a bit older they will get there; in the meantime this was a really fun mom + kids activity! K’NEX  has created two other models that can be built with these same pieces (instructions are online), so it is really three sets in one. Check out our dragon in action:

Do you have kids who would enjoy this set? K’NEX has generously offered to send one of these sets to one of my readers with a US or Canada address! Enter via the Rafflecopter form below:

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Did you play with K’NEX as a child? We have one of their general building sets and I wrote about their new Mighty Maker line earlier this year. My youngest brother had the K’NEX Ferris Wheel growing up, and it was pretty cool! Is there a set that your family recommends?

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70 thoughts on “Building a K’NEX Dragon + Giveaway!”

  1. My little sister would LOVE this. Even though she’s only 11 she loves robots, and is taking robotics at her school. This would be a huge help to her.

  2. Would you be able to send this to my US-based nephews if I won? I’m sure they would be over the moon!

  3. My oldest son is 9 and he LOVES building things. He has a small K’Nex set and he spends hours building and rebuilding different “inventions.” He would be absolutely thrilled to be able to build something that is motorized!

  4. This is so cool. I think s child would love it, so I would love to win it and donate to a local charity for Christmas

  5. Both of my kids would love this set. My 8 yo is a K’nex pro and my 6 yo is a rookie, but both enjoy building with Knex. I have found that this building set allow more freedom to free build. My 8 yo will often go to Knex when he needs to build a model– shaduf ( when studying Egyptian culture or Staircase to create a diorama that needed one, etc.

  6. My 10yr old special needs son would absolutely LOVE this! Part of his home therapy is to use leogs, so these would offer him an awesome change! Thanks

  7. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    We do not have K’Nex…. “Standardizing” on Lego and Lego Technic, but the set does look fun!

  8. We manage to regularly lose pieces of K’Nex all around our house. I don’t know how or why, we don’t have lots of sets, but the few we do have are a big ol’ mess.

  9. My son, who loves every type of building toy we can find, would no doubt enjoy this one. I haven’t tried K’NEX yet for him!

  10. My son KC would love the K’NEX Dragon building set!! I love that you can also build two other designs with it as well. This sounds like a toy that will challenge his mind as well as offer hours of fun. I would love to win this in time for the holidays! Thank you for the chance to win, Carrie Lee

  11. My daughter is a huge dinosaur junkie (she can rattle off dino names I’ve never even heard of along with obscure info like the period they lived in and the number of toes they had!) And I know she’d just love this set.

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