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Blog Favorites: Educational Games.

A few great education-focused games from other blogs:


  • I think this idea from Make and Takes is a very pretty way to learn about mixing colors. All you need to make a rainbow of colors is milk (water works too, but isn’t as pretty) and food coloring.



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5 thoughts on “Blog Favorites: Educational Games.”

  1. I really love the button practice post at The Wonder Years. Thank you so much for linking to this, I was going to make sunnyboy a button frame but these are so much simpler to make and would probably be simpler for him to use too.

  2. Great links. Thanks! Got sucked into reading a bunch of the “practical life” lessons at Wonder Years. I think I should do some of those, so maybe next time I bake a cake with my kids, I don’t spend the whole time cringing at their attempts to measure, pour, etc… It hadn’t occurred to me that I could break down each step and let them practice them. separately, so then baking a cake is the culmination of their learned skills! Duh!

  3. Thanks for another great round-up, Mary Anne! I bookmarked that Alphabet game for a day when my daughter <>doesn’t<> have a tummy bug :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing – I always appreciate readers linking to relevant posts from their own blogs or other blogs they read :)

  5. Hi! I recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying it. I made a very simple < HREF="http://livinglearningplaying.blogspot.com/2009/03/homemade-bingo.html" REL="nofollow"> Bingo<> game with my 2 1/2 year old that I thought I’d share. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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