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Ten Honest Things About Me

Ten Honest Things About Me:

  1. I love blogging. It’s a fun way to share things that I enjoy doing with my kids. I especially like getting comments back and reading about all the stuff other people do with their kids and have on their minds.
  2. I love cardboard boxes. I think this goes back to a childhood of moving frequently and having tons of enormous boxes to play with, but I have a hard time sending a cardboard box straight to the recycle bin without my kids making something or letting my kids play with it first.
  3. I love my dishwasher. I grew up hand-washing dishes – big deal in a family of 12, and I fall in love with my dishwasher all over again every time I open the door and see the rows of sparkling dishes.
  4. I love my washer and dryer. I lived without a dryer for three years, and hang-drying a family of three’s laundry is no picnic, especially in a 350-square-foot apartment. I’ve also had to hand-wash clothes for up to a month at a time, and that’s not fun either (although I did once buy some really awesome hand-clothes-washing goop in Bosnia, it got my clothes really clean with minimal effort and didn’t even dry out my hands!).
  5. I hate, hate, hate the belly contraction/baby heart rate monitor they use in the labor and delivery wards in hospitals. It drives me nuts, and they can never get mine to stay one. Plus, with both babies I’ve had so far they’ve made me keep it on the ENTIRE time. I’m hoping third time’s the charm and they won’t make me keep it on non-stop. Can someone please invent an EKG-type thing that is just a sticker with a wire attached? And get it into my hospital by this summer?
  6. I LOVE chocolate, especially Ghiradelli 60% cocoa chocolate chips. This will come as no surprise if you’ve been reading my blog for a while.
  7. My nine siblings are the best resources/backup ever. I think having lots of siblings as an adult is quite possibly the biggest benefit of growing up in a large family. I just wish I lived closer to them.
  8. I’ve never lived anywhere longer than 6.9 years.
  9. My daughter had lived in three countries (and visited a fourth) before she turned nine months old.
  10. I don’t plan to move anytime soon. It’s a good feeling.
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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

12 thoughts on “Ten Honest Things About Me”

    1. I’m both excited and sad about the move. I’ve really enjoyed living in Massachusetts, and I ALMOST broke my 6.9 year record of staying in one place!

  1. Homebirth is tempting, but not really a safe option because of health history issues I have. I’ve never met a midwife who thought it was a smart option in my case. Plus, my health insurance people would probably throw a fit…I do use midwives, though. With my daughter there was a legitimate medical reason to listen in. With my son it was completely hospital politics…

  2. Well, you could always have a home birth. My midwife just made me sit still for a couple minutes every hour or so so they could use the doppler listening thingy.

  3. Thank you for the award, MaryAnne! It is my first award, and I am so proud to be included with such an awesome group of bloggers. No Time for Flashcards and Lucky Me are some of my all-time favorites. You have made my day! :-)Valerie

  4. Gaining a dishwasher and a washer & dryer were the greatest things about moving into our condo a couple of years ago. We didn't have any of those for the first 5 years of our marriage, and I think I appreciate them so much more as a result.I also dislike the monitors during labor – my monitors slipped when I was having Asher, so the nurse was just monitoring me from the computer in the hallway. The monitors were registering that my contractions were at 20-30% intensity, when in reality I was going through transition labor with 90-100% contractions and telling Peter that I was pretty sure I was going to die before I made it through labor. Fortunately, I did make it through but without an epidural since I was a 10 by the time they finally checked me. I'm infintiely grateful I had a natural birth experience, although I wouldn't intentionally have chosen it!

  5. Very interesting! I just discovered your blog and now know so much about you! I love all the great projects you mention… I’m going to have bookmark a bunch for these cold days! Have a great day! Patricia

  6. Congrats on the awards! Awesome! I also hate the monitor that straps to your belly during labor & delivery. That's why I put off going to the hospital so long with my second child. She was born just 2 hours after we arrived. Cutting it a little too close for comfort!

  7. Thank you sooooo much for your prayers for our boy!Your prayers are a precious treasure to us!wish I was crafty……. ;)Dar

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