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Blank Book and Another Monkey

I got some small stickers and sticker books as favors for Emma’s birthday party. The sticker books are just small sheets of waxy paper stapled together with a cute cover. I never would have considered them toys in their own right, but Emma has had a blast with Johnny’s sticker book. She spends hours “reading” it, pointing out illustrations and telling story after story. It just goes to show that you can never get too simple with toys.

Here is Emma, showing off her magical book:20090224_0184

And reading the book to her (newly finished this morning) amigurumi monkey. This monkey is much smaller than the other one, and so took less time to make. I also think it’s cuter – but I find that I always consider smaller cuter.


Here are both kids playing with their monkeys. I’m so glad I discovered this book of amigurumi patterns – these toys are cute, cuddly, and easy to make.


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  2. Oh, those monkeys are sweet. I once tried knitting a dog for my daughter: I only got as far as the legs. Maybe I’d have better luck with crochet…

  3. Interesting, thanks for telling me what the listing said! I haven’t used a Snappi yet because we went straight to BumGenius and Bumkins when my daughter was 8 months old. I won’t be using these until August, but I decided to go ahead and buy them while we were there. BumGenius diapers are supposed to be newborn to toddler, but really, they’d probably be too big for almost all new babies. I got the 4-9 lb Bummis covers and I think they’ll work. My baby will probably be 7-8 pounds. I seriously doubt they’d fit a 4-pounder, though!Those monkeys are precious! I had been thinking of learning to make those, but I should probably get crocheting in a straight line (or a plain circle) under control first :-)

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