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Black Bean Mosaic Art for Kids

sensory play with big kids: making mosaic art

Sunday morning, two-year-old Anna asked to get out our black bean sensory bin. She spent an hour or so measuring out beans with a teaspoon and pouring them into a measuring cup. The older kids joined her for a while. Pouring and measuring isn’t quite as fascinating for older kids as it is for two-year-olds, so they eventually moved on to making black bean mosaics on the floor – just like we have made rice art in the past. I love the way nine-year-old Emma used the red carpet for her dog’s nose!

Note: beans are only safe for children who will not put anything in their mouths. Try this taste safe sensory play alternative for younger children.

Making Black Bean Mosaic Art

black bean mosaic art

You need glue and cardstock or cardboard for permanent black bean mosaic art, but my kids really enjoyed making temporary art on our rug. Mosaics are easier without glue involved, and my kids quite enjoy making art that isn’t meant to last forever.

Five-year-old Anna spent a very long time gathering but beans Anna had spilled across the floor (those sensory bins for toddlers can get messy!) and turning them into this cute dog:

black bean mosaic art is a great after school activity for kids!

Lily brought printed-out photos of her artwork to show her kindergarten teacher, and her teacher loved it so much that she is going to do this activity with Lily’s entire class!

This would be a neat activity to try with a package of mixed beans, too!

Have your kids made any mosaic art?

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afterschool linky

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Elisa | blissfulE

    Spilled beans becoming art! Now that is a win-win!
    And I can see why Lily’s teacher was impressed – I am blown away by the amazing dog shape she created!

  2. jeannine @ waddleeahchaa

    I love how this unplanned, open-ended activity includes children of all different ages exploring and creating side by side!

    The mosaics are wonderful and quite impressive!

  3. Oops, I think I forgot to actually comment. I read, but didn’t comment. I love the simplicity of mosaics and projects like that because you can just let them have fun, and it’s rather relaxing too.

  4. Your daughter looked like she was having a lot of fun making her bean mosaic. What a great way to encourage focus and fine motor!

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