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Birthday Party for a Six-Year-Old

Throw the perfect birthday party for a six-year-old girl

Lily doesn’t actually turn six until August, but she is very sad when we have birthday parties during the summer while were close friends are out of town. I have a lot of empathy since my summer birthday led to similar issues growing up, so this year we held her party right before school got out for the summer, while everyone was still in town! I had a wonderful time planning this party with Lily, and she and all of her friends had a great time at the party!

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Planning a Birthday Party for a Six-Year-Old

Making favor boxes

I like to keep my birthday parties very simple, but Lily loves details and she fell in love with these little cardstock houses that I cut out on my wonderful Silhouette Cameo, so we made one for each child to take home. They are cut on the diagonal line of 12 x 12 cardstock, which I typically buy on sale at craft stores. Lily really enjoyed picking out all the different patterns, and folding each house and then filling it with play dough and bubbles and sticky lizards.

Clothespin fairies made using Danya Banya's tutorial

As the kids arrived, I helped them make these somewhat-advanced-for-their-age clothespin fairies that we found on Danya Banya.

birthday party tips for kindergarten aged children

They took their completed fairies over to our Lego DUPLO play space, where everyone enjoyed very relaxed play time together while we waited for the rest of the kids to arrive.

kid-friendly birthday party activities

Once everyone was settled in, we moved to the table to make model magic monsters and decorating cupcakes.

Fun party activity for kids: make model magic monsters

It was the party of Lily’s dreams – a wonderful chance to spend time with friends before summer, and to celebrate that friendship.

Birthday party for kindergartners

Are you looking for more six-year-old/kindergarten birthday activity ideas? Johnny had a LEGO themed party when he turned six, and Emma had a very simple craft-focused sixth birthday! I am curious to see what we do for Anna in a few years!

How do you celebrate birthdays in your home?

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14 thoughts on “Birthday Party for a Six-Year-Old”

  1. Hi Ma!

    I haven’t been online much except for searching Pinterest for recipes (the U.S. documentary “Forks Over Knives” has caused me to reduce animal products in our family diet even more, “Food Inc.” also did its share), camping hacks, etc. it is incredible that she will already be six so soon! What sort of books are you having her read? Any specific titles you’d recommend? Could you reply to me via e-mail? Thanks, Happy birthday already!! Love, tara

    1. Elephant and Piggie books (by Mo Willems) are very popular with Lily. She isn’t the book worm that Emma was so far, at least.

  2. What great crafts! I agree that a birthday party timed around the end of school works much better for summer birthdays when it’s impossible to get all their friends together. What a nice party!

  3. What a great idea! Both of my kids birthdays fall during 2 of the 4 bigger school breaks we get here in SA. We try to remember that and plan accordingly. Oh, and we like to celebrate big here!

  4. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    Happy birthday to Lily! It’s a great idea to have an early birthday party. It looks like it was a great success :)

  5. Happy birthday to your little girl! I love those cute houses in the first photo. I can relate to having a birthday no one remembers or isn’t around for, too! Mine though is smack in the middle of the holiday season.

  6. Elisa | blissful E

    Simply wonderful!!! Lily will cherish these memories well after she actually turns six.

  7. Those little houses are the cutest! Oh my goodness! :) My daughter has a July birthday, so we deal with the same issues- friends are always out of town, boo-hoo! :(

  8. I love laid back and not perfect parties. My kids love activities, and themes. We compromise in the middle with lots of activities and themes, but it’s not pinterest perfect. Not by a long shot.

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