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Birthday party craft: Robots

decorating robot cutouts

I took Emma to the craft store to find a suitable activity for her birthday party, and was impressed when she picked out these robot cut-outs. They were perfect for the group of kids we were having over – seven of her friends plus five younger brothers and two little sisters. Seventeen kids in our not-quite-1500 square foot house, if you count my three, and much too cold to go out! I covered the table with paper, and the kids had a blast coloring and accessorizing with jewels and stickers. Don’t you love the heart jewel eyes in the above photo?

Emma and Lily decorate robots

I love this photo of my two little girls decorating their robots! And Johnny was equally focused:

Johnny colors his robot green

I especially loved how each child’s personality came through in their robot. Notice how Johnny colored his robot primarily green, with lots of ball stickers waiting to be added…

bejeweled robot from the jewelry-loving friend

And Emma’s accessory-loving friend A had a highly-bejewelled robot!

Emma's finished robot

Doesn’t Emma’s robot look beautifully happy?

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  1. “Beautifully happy” is an apt description of both the robot and its birthday-girl creator! :) These pictures make me want to create a robot, too! :)

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