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Birthday Fun: Decorating Cupcakes!

carefully decorating a cupcake

I think decorating cupcakes was a favorite activity for several of the kids attending Emma’s birthday party! We set it up just like Lily’s cupcake decorating party, giving each child their own Dixie cups with different toppings. I frosted the cupcakes ahead of time since it was a larger group.

It was fun to see how differently they approached it. Some (like the girl above) had a clear vision of what they wanted to create, and worked carefully to produce the perfect result.

cupcake decorating for kids

Others mostly wanted to use ALL the toppings. All three of my kids fell into this category, although I’m not positive Johnny even decorated – he mostly ate:

eating a cupcake

I made up another egg-free recipe to avoid a grocery store run. I actually had eggs in the house this time, but I didn’t have oil. Or applesauce. So I substituted greek yogurt for the applesauce in the recipe I used for Lily’s party, and doubled the recipe. I’m thinking I should have baked them for 20 minutes instead of 25 – they were a little over-baked.

egg-free cupcakes

They looked beautiful, just like the applesauce version! Emma wanted red frosting, so I mixed butter, powdered sugar, a little milk, and a LOT of red food coloring, stuck it in a piping bag, cut the tip off, and swirled it on. Very easy. I hadn’t made enough frosting for two dozen cupcakes, so the leftover ones got nutella for frosting.

decorated egg-free cupcakes

Decorating cupcakes is such a fun and simple party activity, I’m hoping to do it again for future parties!

Have you had a cupcake decorating party? Do you have another party activity that you love?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

15 thoughts on “Birthday Fun: Decorating Cupcakes!”

  1. My kids love to decorate cupcakes…cookies…sandwiches..and anything else they can get their hands on!
    Our favorite party activities are limbo….freeze dance….crazy faces…and anything that creates crazy fun!

  2. What fun!!!
    I am loving your blog! You have so many great ideas! I found you on Pinterest, and I am adding you to my blog follow list. :-)

  3. Great idea for the birthday party! Anna doesn’t like any type of frosting though, so no cupcake decorating here. Happy birthday to Emma!

  4. Oh we’ve done this many times, it’s super fun and easy to get a bunch of candy and different icings and let the kids go at it. I love not giving any instructions and just seeing what they come up with.

  5. What a great idea! I am certainly going to store that one up for future party ideas!

    I fear mine would be more inclined to eat than decorate though.

    Thanks for linking to Family Frolics.


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