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Birthday Cupcakes

Emma's fifth birthday cupcakes: a vase of flowers and chocolate-covered with dinosaurs

Emma was thrilled with these simple yet “fancy” birthday cupcakes we made for her fifth birthday party. The vase of flowers was made using a silicone mold (purchased for $3.99 at the Christmas Tree Shops); the number 5 was made using regular silicone cupcake holders (like these). Then we dipped them in a chocolate sauce made by heating heavy cream and adding in chocolate chips, dipped the flowers in sprinkles, and topped them with butterflies and dinosaurs made using this butterfly chocolate mold and this dinosaurs chocolate mold. baking the cupcakes

All three kids helped make the cupcakes. Emma chose to do the measuring, and Lily and Johnny were very good about taking turns stirring.

Johnny admires Emma's birthday cupcakes

Johnny was immensely pleased with the result, as was the birthday girl!

Emma with her cupcake

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17 thoughts on “Birthday Cupcakes”

  1. Didn’t see this until now but I had to check it out as Quinn’s 6th birthday is in two weeks and she wants her first party with friends (mainly cousins!) decorating cupcakes at the party… and she wants a cake with loads of lollypops stuck on it! Mmmm, :) we have another dentist appointment on the 8th… :)

  2. How sweet! I think Anna would love this kind of frosting on hers – she loves chocolate. Thanks for an idea!

  3. Those little rainbow sprinkles are my favorite! And my kids like them, too.

    When we make oatmeal cookies, Sam stirs his own “special” bowl of oatmeal and water. And then I sweep. A lot.

    Love it!

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