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Benefits of Babywearing

I LOVED wearing my babies when they were tiny! Today guest writer Felicity Frankish from The Baby Vine is here to write about the benefits of babywearing. Learn how to choose the best baby carriers.

I LOVED wearing my babies when they were tiny! Today guest writer Felicity Frankish is here to write about benefits of babywearing. #babywearing #parenting #infantcare

Benefits of Babywearing – Why I Love Babywearing

Baby carriers really are the unsung hero when it comes to must-have baby products. Sure, most people purchase a carrier from their handy baby store, but most parents-to-be go with a mainstream choice. I know, because this is exactly what I did.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the mainstream carriers on the market! In fact, many of them are great choices, but that’s just it. We have so much choice, it’s worth exploring it all. From wraps to ring slings, structured carriers to swimming carriers, lightweight carriers to babywearing overalls.

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Benefits of babywearing, and how to set yourself up for a successful babywearing experience. Guest post by Felicity Frankish of the Baby Vine

My Journey In Babywearing

I was a novice for my first child. I had my structured carrier ready to go and first tried it on when my baby arrived.

I hated it. It wasn’t comfortable, didn’t suit my body shape and I didn’t enjoy wearing at all. I just figured this was me and I let it go. Instead, we stuck with the pram and that was great for us.

But fast-forward to baby number two and I knew babywearing was going to be a must. So I reached out to mum friends and that’s when I dived into the rabbit hole that is babywearing. And it was amazing!

Benefits of Babywearing

Firstly, there are so many benefits to babywearing. Here are just a few:

Babywearing Keeps Your Hands Free

Babywearing keeps your hands free so you can get things done. Whether you are chasing after a toddler or trying to get a meal cooked for the day, wearing your baby keeps them close while also giving you freedom.

Wearing Your Baby Creates Extra Bonding Time

What better way to bond with your newborn than wearing them close?

It’s important to remember that your baby has lived inside you for the past 9 months. The outside world is loud and scary, and it can take a bit of getting used to.

Wearing your baby close helps them feel safe and encourages the bond you have already developed to grow stronger.

Baby Carriers Allow You Breastfeed While Out and About

That’s right, depending on the carrier you invest in, you can breastfeed on the go! It’s so handy!

I managed this a few times in my stretchy wrap and my ring sling. It was great to be able feed my baby when it suited them, rather than only when I had the time to sit down.

Babywearing Increases Milk Production

Did you know that wearing your baby close to your breast actually encourages and aids the production of milk? It increases your prolactin levels which helps in the production of milk.

Exploring Different Baby Carriers

I love the choices we have when it comes to babywearing.

Instead of being overwhelmed with all the choice out there, it’s better to be informed. One of the huge benefits of social media is all the different communities you can join.

Find Your Local Babywearing Community

Head to Facebook or Google and type in babywearing with your area after it. You are sure to find some helpful groups you can join to ask for advice.

On top of this, there are often meet ups that happen in different groups. Meetups give you a chance to not only meet other babywearing moms, but also to try on different carriers to see what works for you and your needs.

My Experience Babywearing With Baby Number 2

I did my research, I worked out which carriers suited me and my lifestyle, and I had a completely different experience wearing my second daughter. I loved it, and I still do. Vivienne is now two and has a younger brother who is 5 months old, and both of them still take turns in the carrier.

I know when Vivienne is feeling a bit tired, as she will ask to come up in the carrier and snuggle into me. I love that it’s her safe place, and it even comes with plenty of sleepy dust! I feel such a connection with her while she’s in there and love that she still asks to come up. Of course I have to balance this time with her younger brother.

Practice Safe Babywearing!

To keep your baby safe, remember to always follow the T.I.C.K.S guidelines when babywearing:

T = Tight

I = In view at all times

C = Close enough to kiss

K = Keep chin off back

S = Supported back

Do you wear your babies? What are your favorite benefits of babywearing?

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Felicity Frankish of The Baby Vine
Felicity Frankish

Felicity is mum to her two daughters, Cassandra (4) and Vivienne (2) and her son Elliot (3 months). Her passion is the parenting industry and creating a community where everyone feels welcome no matter how they choose to parent. It is this passion that led to the creation of The Baby Vine.

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