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Bedtime Stories and Chapter Books

If I Could Keep You Little… is my idea of an adorable bedtime story! It talks about everything that is wonderful about having a little one – and all the things that are wonderful about watching them grow up, too! The illustrations are absolutely darling!

Nuclear Meltdowns is Mike’s idea of a bedtime story – factual, not something the kids are going to think about on their own, with plenty of questions to start conversations! This book went way over Johnny and Lily’s heads, and Emma was not very happy about Mike’s explanation of fossil fuel. She said, “That is NOT a nice thing to do to dinosaurs and their friends!” She has a point.

I originally intended to read Beezus and Ramona out loud to the kids. I was only a few pages in, however, when Emma harumphed loudly, and said, “Mom, just give it to me!” She has been reading it in bits and pieces ever since. It’s definitely pushing the boundaries of her reading comprehension skills, but she seems to enjoy it.

Mike read Little House in the Big Woods as a bedtime story to the kids for several weeks last year, but then it got set aside for picture books. Emma has decided to read it alongside Beezus and Ramona – she literally reads one chapter of each book. Both about girls roughly her age, but living in incredibly different worlds!

What are your favorite chapter books and bedtime stories?

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18 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories and Chapter Books”

  1. I am so proud of Emma for reading those books! I read all of the Ramona books to Abby and she loved them!

    LOL about the fossil fuels. The first book sounds adorable, I’ll have to see if it’s at the library.

  2. I can’t wait to read the Little House books to my kids. I may need to go reserve the first book at the library. We’ve read a bit of Ramona too. She was one of my childhood favorites and I’m hoping my daughter will feel the same way.

  3. I don’t know why, but I don’t want to read the Little House Books aloud. I’m probably being ridiculous because I actually think they are good! Hopefully he will read them on his own, or maybe I will end up reading them when New Kid can appreciate them.

  4. Too funny to have the first book and the second book in the same roundup. Mike has interesting ideas about what can help your children peacefully fall asleep :) It’s amazing to see how Emma’s reading is taking off! Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  5. I want to read the Little House books to my kids too! My daughter is really into the Magic Tree House books right now. We love picture books – love the cover art on If I Could Keep You Little. Really interesting how boys gravitate to non-fiction.

    1. The boys and non-fiction thing fascinates me. Emma has never read the Magic Tree House books – I need to introduce her to them, as I think she would adore them!

  6. What a great roundup of books! I read Little House in the Big Woods to the kids a couple of years ago. Loved it!

  7. Elisa | blissfulE

    Awwww, that first one sounds like my sort of selection, too. :) A very simple one that our family loves is Little One, God Made You.

    Our nightly read-aloud is the Bible, and we alternate between our favourite children’s Bible and actual Scripture. Currently we’re going through The One Year Chronological Bible and just finishing up the laws of Moses, which are easier for me to understand in this format since they are arranged by grouping similar laws together.

    Ben also often tells bedtime stories that he makes up about a zebra named “Vincent” who has a turtle friend “Tortellius” and a gorilla friend “Harry”. :)

  8. We’re busy reading through the Harry Potter series for our bedtime books right now. it’s slow going, but they’re enjoying it. Most days……..

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