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Dress-Up Bears and More Bear-Themed Learning Activities for Kids

Do your kids love bears as much as mine? These dress-up bears are one of our all-time favorite activities. They are easy to make using the free printable in this post, which is also full of more bear-themed learning activities for kids.

Dress-up bears (with printable!) and other bear-themed learning fun for kids

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Dress-Up Bears with Printable

This week’s Virtual Book Club for Kids book was Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming, and the theme for the week was bears. Fleming’s book is charming, and well worth reading. If you are looking for more great bear-themed books, Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear? is one of our all-time favorite reads.

How to Make Dress-Up Bears

My kids LOVE these dress-up bears! Super easy to make, using the printable in this post.

These dress-up bears are super easy to make! Here is what you need:

Inspire imaginative play with these dress-up bears. Free printable in the post so you can make your own.

I have been making bears like this for my kids for years. We still have the original fashion bears, and my kid continue to enjoy playing with them. I designed a smaller set for this week’s theme – something I had been meaning to do for years.

Dress-Up Bear Printables

I made pajamas for this set of dress-up bears, since both of the books we read featuring going to bed. We also made rain outfits (it has been raining quite a bit here), and some warmer AND more fashionable outfits.

Make these cute dress-up bears for the kids. The printable makes it super easy, and this post is full of great bear-themed activities for children.

Click on the images above and below to download printable PDF files to make your own dress-up felt bears.

Dress-up bear outfits printable. Perfect for rainy day play

The making process is simple. Print out the templates, cut out the pieces, pin to felt, and cut those out. Use an ultra fine point Sharpie pen to draw on a face.

More Bear-Themed Learning Activities for Kids

Here are some more great bear-themed learning activities for kids! Check out my pattern for sewing simple stuffed teddy bears, too!


Learning Math with Bear-Themed Activities


Bear Themed Crafts

Learning Colors with Bear-Themed Activities


2016-17 season virtual book club for kids books and activities

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Do you know of another fun bear themed learning activity we should try? How about another book we need to read? Let me know in the comments. You can also share photos on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram

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  1. I made a similar game for my kids using thick plastic sheeting, like file organiser divides. The plastic shapes stick onto tiles when they are wet, we used them in the bath

  2. Maryanne these bears are precious, I can imagine my daughters having fun playing with these together with my nieces. Thank you so much for sharing and for cohosting the Virtual Book Club for Kids this week.

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