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Baby dragon by Johnny, aged 4

Baby Dragon, by four-year-old Johnny

Being back in school this week didn’t stop Emma from crafting – she made a shaker toy, a spouting whale, and a craft to go along with “The Kiss Box” book. Also a bird feeder, part of a birthday present for another friend, folder for play school for herself and Johnny, and doubtless other projects I’m forgetting.

Johnny drew a lot, from the baby dragon pictured above to superheroes (very popular in preschool these days), and adorable images of him holding hands with Lily, Lily holding hands with Emma, all three kids in a space shuttle, and our little baby girl due this summer. From his drawings, at least, she’s going to look a lot like her sisters!

Lily is immensely proud of completing a sewing project that is all her own. She likes to carry it around, and hasn’t decided what to fasten it to, yet. Maybe we’ll sew some more to help her make a decision. Mostly she has been playing, making full use of her very impressive imagination.

We enjoyed a spectacular trip to Old Sturbridge Village yesterday – more to come on that this week! The kids also played in the yard, and in the house. Lots of playing with Floam and Gak, and cutting with scissors.

School was tough to return to after a week of play, but the kids still wanted to go every morning. Johnny’s class has a butterfly habitat, and their first butterfly hatched this week. One of his classmates named it Butter, which I found quite adorable. Johnny came home and drew a picture of the butterfly in its habitat! Emma was a little sad that her class does not have a butterfly habitat. Maybe we’ll get one for our house, next spring. We did have butterflies, a bunny, and two deer in our yard this week, and our garden is showing promise! So far we have tomato seedlings, baby pea plants, and blueberry and strawberry blossoms. I’m hoping we manage to eat a few berries before the wildlife get to them this year!

How was your week? The Educators’ Spin On It is hosting this week’s blog hop, and we would all love for you to link up your at-home activities!

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  1. Elisa | blissfulE

    What a busy, happy week! Love the idea of a butterfly named “Butter.” Too cute!

  2. Our kids would love to spend the afternoons together crafting, sewing, and drawing. Wish we lived closer =) That dragon is the cutest!

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