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Setting August 2022 Monthly Goals

I set monthly goals as a way of taking a mindful look at the upcoming month and focusing on where I want to spend my time and energy. Here are my August 2022 monthly goals.

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August 2022 Monthly Goals

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How Did I do on July 2022 Goals?

This entire summer has really flown, but I did all right on my July goals for 2022.

Trip Planning

This fall we are living overseas because of my husband’s work responsibilities. We leave the US on August 13th, and won’t get back until December 27th. It’s a huge, exciting opportunity. It’s also a long time to be gone!

We aren’t ready yet, but I’ve made good progress on getting there. The days between now and when we leave will still be full of trip preparations.

Organization Goals

My room is actually pretty organized. I now need to pack a bunch of it up, since we’ll be out of the country for my husband’s job from mid August through the end of the year.

Homeschool Goals

As I have done several times over the years, this fall we are switching from public school to homeschool. This always involved quite a bit of planning on my part, and even more since this fall we will be in Europe!

I have math books for all of the kids. Level 5 Beast Academy for 5th grader Anna and the Art of Problem Solving Algebra, Geometry, and Precalculus books for my 8th, 9th, and 11th graders. Both series are created by the same company, and I’ve loved them every year we have homeschooled. They are serious math books that teach children to think like real mathematicians. They also come with excellent solution manuals for parents who are rusty on their math.

I also picked out a few books and ideas for their other subjects. Having a math curriculum feels really important for my four; everything else tends to fall in place.

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I am most excited about Night Zookeeper as an English resource for my fifth grader. She already started using this online writing program, and she loves it so much that she does it without being asked right when she wakes up every morning. Under a blanket, because apparently that makes the night side more appropriate?

I will probably renew my Schoolhouse Teachers subscription, just because they offer so many great resources in one place.

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I have a few more homeschool products we’ll be using this fall that I’ll review later this month.

Creative Goals

Creativity is hugely important to me, and I always try to set a few creative goals. In August, I set the goals of sewing and playing music. I played more music than sewing, because I got pulled into a knitting project my 16-year-old is trying to finish – with help, obviously. But I got to be creative, and that’s what really matters.

I did participate in Sew a Softie for yet another year, and I love this gnome and gnome house felt sewing project I came up with.

Setting Monthly Goals for August 2022

Setting Monthly Goals for August 2022

August is quite the month in my house. Besides celebrating half the family’s birthdays, we will move overseas. This first month we will be moving around the most. We will be in England, France, Austria, Denmark, and Scotland – in addition to the United States for the first half of the month.

After that whirlwind month, travel will settle down a bit, and we will mostly be in Oxford, England for the rest of the year.

So, goals:

  • Celebrate Mike, Lily, and Anna’s birthdays! Focus: encourage and build
  • Finish packing for our trip. Focus: purpose, persist
  • Enjoy our whirlwind tour of Europe! Focus: work, purpose, build
  • Start and keep a travel journal. I want these memories! Focus: habit and encourage

I think that’s probably more than enough. I’ll be posting travel photos on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there if you want trip updates! I’ll try to blog, too, but we’ll see how much time I have to do that while we travel. I might have to write up a lot of it later.

What’s with the words in italics? Heal is my word of the year for 2022, but I’m using the six words the word of the year generator gave me before “heal” as focus words (habit, persist, purpose, work, encourage, build).

What monthly goals are you setting for August 2022?

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