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August 2012!

Baby Four

Or July, although that would be a surprise given my track record. Reactions from the kids:

Emma: Huge grin =)
And now to me, at every meal:
The baby eats what you eat!
My midwife would be proud.

Johnny: No!
LONG pause. Mike and I exchange worried glances. This is not the reaction we were expecting, especially from baby-adoring Johnny. Then:
Twins!!! I wanted twins! So Emma could hold one baby and I could hold one.
What a relief! He has since decided that one baby is better than none.

Lily: Only baby sisters! No baby brothers!
As of yesterday afternoon she claims our baby is a boy, so I guess she’s okay with that option.

Mike and I are, of course, very excited!!!

All three kids currently say our baby is a boy, although I think Lily is following Johnny and Emma’s lead – who are eager to even out the gender imbalance. What do you think?

Name suggestions? =)

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Krista @ While He Was Napping

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting! I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly and as painlessly as possible. Good luck and thanks for linking up your awesome news on While He Was Napping’s Bundles of Baby linky.

  2. OH, I am SO happy and excited for you, Mary Anne!! I knew it! I actually contemplated emailing you over the last couple weeks and asking. I just had this weird feeling that you were pregnant, and I was right :-)!! I know you are SO excited!! I hope you have a very healthy and easy pregnancy!

  3. Yay! Lovely news to start the new year with! So cool that all the kids are excited too. I hope you have a glorious hassle free pregnancy and a super easy birth. Also you can blaze the trail for four kids on a long haul flight and let me know what we’re in for if we have more ;)

  4. Many congratulations!!! This is such exciting news. It sounds like your trio is eagerly awaiting to become a quartet ;) Should be fun!!

    Glad the new addition is looking very comfy and sound — hope the pregnancy is coming along smoothly!

    Much love, Y & B

  5. Joyce @Dinosaurs And Octopuses

    Congratulations!! I loved all of your children’s reactions. How sweet! No name suggestions here. I let my husband pick out R’s name completely by himself. Yes, looking back I can’t believe I did that, but it all turned out well. Haha.

    1. All’s well that ends well =)

      Mike and I always have a lot of debating over names – and each time we’ve found exactly one name, and it suited the baby perfectly. Luckily we have months of choosing ahead of us – and we both enjoy the process!

  6. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    Wow, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

    A BIG hug to you, Mike, and the kiddos!!! xoxo :-)

  7. Oh my goodness, congratulations!! I’m so happy for you!

    I’ve always like the name Nathan for a boy. Matthew was my first pic, if I had a boy, but my sister took it and luckily I had a girl :)

    For girls, Abby was the only one we had. Dave liked Emily, but you already have an Emma. For some reason Claire just came to mind.

    1. Ooh Claire… Like that one and hadn’t thought of it – thanks! Let me know if you think of more names – we always have a hard time finding the right name!!!

  8. I am so happy I sat down to check in on my favorite bloggers today. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What joyful news. You are already the best Mama around. I hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

  9. Shut up! CONGRATS!! It seems as if all babies are concieved in big batches–I have three friends all due around then too :) FOUR KIDS, you must be crazy, lol!


    I’m almost 19 weeks, so you’re, what? About 11 or 12? That is WONDERFUL NEWS!!! How are you feeling?

    1. Thanks! Not quite 12 weeks. Haven’t felt awesome, but – after being pregnant twice with a baby in the house – I have to say it’s much easier to deal with exhaustion/nausea/insomnia when my youngest is two and will happily play with siblings for a couple hours a day!

  11. Because the topic is on our minds somehow I also wondered when and if I would hear some news from your family…. great! :) Since I have big problems with varicose veins I was intentionally pregnant during the colder seasons with Phinia and it was great! So that makes our decision a bit difficult… I might also need vein surgery before.

    As soon as you reveal the baby’s sex I will pour out an abundance of names! :)

    Oh yes, I also loved the quotes! I love legos. :) So sweet.

    Well, congratulations!!!! It is wonderful that you all seem so happy, too! :)

  12. Oh my goodness what joyous news!!!!! I am in awe of anyone raising children because it is the absolute hardest job in the world, as you know. You seem like such a present parent, so fun to go through this with all the excitement the other kids bring.

  13. MaryAnne, that’s awesome!!!!!! SO happy for you! Johnny’s remark cracked me up. Emily cried when Kate was born because we named her Kate and not Polly, which was the name E picked for her. It took her a while to be OK with it, but I always thought it was so funny how serious our kids are about everything to do with new siblings! Sending happy thoughts for a lovely, uneventful pregnancy!

    1. Thank you, LiEr! Johnny is awesome. I’m a little relieved he doesn’t know that triplets exist, yet.

    1. Thank you!!! I feel very blessed! And so far this pregnancy isn’t too bad, symptoms-wise. Enough to remember I’m pregnant all day, but pretty manageable.

  14. Elisa | blissfulE

    YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooo excited for you guys! I’d be dancing around if I wasn’t nursing. :P How are you feeling physically?

    1. Better than expected. I guess I’d forgotten how much easier it is to be pregnant when you don’t have a baby to take care of at the same time!

  15. Short and easy-to-spell boy names: Eli, James, Luke, Adam, Nick, Ian, Alan, Grant, Miles, Sean, Joel, Seth. Nymbler is fun.

  16. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. Have you played with names on nymbler.com? I am doing that now. :-)

  17. Bob, because I find the name Bob funny. Plus when the kids grow up and have kids of their own they can say, “Bob’s your Uncle.”

    Yes, I crack myself up.


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