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August 2012 Goals!

playing outside

July was a lovely month! We spent a lot of time outside, in our yard especially. The kids enjoyed outings with their aunts, and I enjoyed some down time. I was able to finish all my goals apart from diaper sewing (will do early this month), and I am particularly pleased with Lily’s crocheted dragon (photos coming in a future post). The girls’ dresses are also adorable:

hand-sewn dresses from Simplicity Project Runway pattern 2193

I was able to get Emma’s school shopping done; still waiting on lists for Johnny and Lily, but our local preschool typically asks for basics I have on hand anyhow (paper towels, kleenex, wipes…) And we did find a backpack for Lily; Johnny and Emma can both use their backpacks from last year.

monthly goals at mama smiles

I’m keeping goals for August simple:

What do you hope to accomplish in August?

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10 thoughts on “August 2012 Goals!”

  1. Wise goals for August. :) I find the weeks before birth are so rich in feelings of accomplishment and enjoying the simple beauties of family life. I hope this time I will also be so very productive at the end. :)

  2. You must be really close!!! Thinking about you : )

    I think I won’t need to do any shopping! We already have backpacks, lunch sacks, etc. And I have great hand me downs for both kids from my sis and a friend. May have to buy at least one special nice new outfit for my daughter though : )

    1. How exciting to have everything you need!

      And yes, the baby is officially due tomorrow – will probably show up late, though :)

  3. Those dresses are gorgeous. I’ve been thinking of you as your baby’s arrival nears.

  4. I can’t believe its almost time for school to start again?!
    I want to home school …because I love it!!
    but my husband wants the kids to go back to school…so sad!:(
    He thinks they need social…seriously???
    Can you tell..I’m a bit sad…we will have to see what happens!?

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