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Arthur-Inspired Free Coloring Pages – Animals

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My kids were thoroughly enchanted with Arthur, a book we read as part of the Memetales Readathon this week about a dog who is desperate to find a home. They thought it would be fun to have some book-themed coloring pages, so I used my new Wacom Bamboo Capture Tablet to create some simple animal coloring pages – follow the link to download these free coloring pages! We made pages for most of the animals that Arthur the dog tries to impersonate.

Emma colored the bottom row, Johnny’s are the five orange line drawing pieces, and Lily colored the remaining three. I love that they each found their own style! And, can you spot a couple of Johnny’s ducks in the bottom right corner? We laminated those, and the kids enjoy playing with them!

Lizard coloring page

I love that my kids get so excited about coloring pictures mom drew!


Four-year-old Johnny put his own artistic slant on the drawings, and two-year-old Lily traced the letters as well as coloring the pictures:

fish coloring page fun

I loved the details that six-year-old Emma put into coloring her fish:

fish coloring page for kids

Would your kids enjoy this? You can download the coloring pages for free here! I’d love to see what your kids do with them!

Disclosure: We receive copies of the books that I provide activities for as part of the MeMeTales Summer Readathon.

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14 thoughts on “Arthur-Inspired Free Coloring Pages – Animals”

  1. Wow! Beautiful art work.. You should let them pursue this talent. They have a big potential in painting. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Wow, Johnny is becoming quite an artist while his older sister entered “realistic” period :)

  3. Love, love, love you coloring pages!!! Excellent drawing and so full of personality – great job on the tablet! I think a lot of artist types don’t believe in color books/pages but my daughter loves them. She gets inspired by the art and actually many artists work professionally in this kind of collaborative way with someone doing the drawings and another doing the ink, color, etc. We will definitely be printing these out – thanks!

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