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Emma and Johnny both LOVE to draw. They probably spend an hour drawing every day. I’ve taken to scanning their masterpieces into the computer, and I thought we’d run a virtual art show with some of my favorites:

ink drawing

Emma drew the above picture yesterday morning. It’s a ink drawing of her (complete with her name), a house, a (very large) key to get into the house, and stone steps leading up to the house. I was very impressed by the perspective with the stones getting smaller as they approach the house, although I have no idea if it was intentional. The house has a (mostly detached) chimney with smoke coming out, and sun overhead. She was apparently practicing the numbers one and seven, and she wrote “zoo” and “Emma” – two words she can consistently spell on her own.


I decided to get Emma a couple of step-by-step drawing books after watching her follow step-by-step instructions to draw houses and cars. We borrowed a couple from the library, but an Usborne “I Can Draw People” book was the only one at her level. Emma followed the directions in the book to draw a queen, two horses, a surprised face, and a few other things that she wasn’t happy enough with to identify for me.  crayon and watercolors

One of Emma’s friends gave her an art set with crayons and watercolors for her birthday. Emma used it to create this crayon-and-watercolor drawing several weeks ago. I really like the cat in this picture, but Emma has never drawn a cat like this again.

 Johnny's drawing

This final picture is my favorite of Johnny’s recent drawings. It includes all of his favorite techniques: jagged lines, scribbles, circles, and spirals. A lot of his drawings are monochromatic, but I really like the different colors in this picture.

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15 thoughts on “Art Show”

  1. I’m constantly trying to figure out what to do with the seemingly endless works of art Kaia creates. I absolutely LOVE that she is so interested in drawing, but I don’t love the piles of paper. I love this idea of scanning the photos and then maybe making a slideshow of them.

    I just got a book from the library called Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes. It contains lessons for children and also for beginner adults (I definitely fall into that category when it comes to drawing) so you can learn how to draw better step by step. Kaia and I are going to start the lessons tomorrow and I’m curious to see what happens.

    I am so impressed by Johnny’s piece. Asher’s pictures are basically still scribbles, which I think is totally fine. Reading the book Young at Art really changed my perceptions of what children “should” be doing when it comes to art.

  2. I absolutely love Emma’s pictures and impressed with her level of detail. Most Anna’s drawings will be right there with Johnny, but not as detailed.
    .-= Natalie´s last blog ..Geography Track – Egypt =-.

  3. What a wonderful way to keep the artwork, but minimize the clutter. Lucas once had me photograph the girls’ class art-show and upload all the photos to our photo sharing site so that he could see them.

    Their artwork is very mature! It’s look like both your older two have excellent hand-eye coordination.
    .-= Sadia´s last blog ..Austin Children’s Music Festival (and CD giveaway) =-.

  4. Great idea to scan in your children’s artwork! I like taking pictures of ours because it makes it a little easier to toss it when it’s piling up because we have the digital copy.

    And, great drawings by the young artists!

  5. Elisa | blissfulE

    Love them all – so special and unique. I’m most impressed with the stepping stones getting smaller as they go up to the cute house! And it’s a little jumbled, with an extra 1, but at first glance I thought she’d written my birth date!!
    .-= Elisa | blissfulE´s last blog ..seven times =-.

  6. I love Emma’s house and the stepping stones. The 1s and 7s crack me up, Matthew is confused about the same two numbers (they look so much alike)… maybe Emma can tutor him. :) She’s a very talented artist! I love all the colors Johnny used and his circles and scribbles – how sweet! And doesn’t it just *look* boyish (or is that just me?)?! I think it’s so great that they love to draw so much and what a wonderful idea to scan them. I really need to do that, or something… we are overrun with artwork here. Thanks for linking up!

  7. What a good idea to scan things in. I hate just throwing stuff away, but with a kid that loves to color and paint every day, I’m just not going to save every last piece of artwork!

    Emma’s queen and horse are amazing, she did a good job of following instructions. I still can’t do those :)
    .-= Amber Liddle´s last blog ..Painting, Picnic, and Puddles. =-.

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