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Art Activities for Kids

Discover our personal favorite art activities for kids. We have art activities for elementary students as well as many that appeal to preschoolers and a few that older children can enjoy.

Art is a fantastic way to build fine motor skills and develop self expression.Our favorite art activities, plus a great art activities for kids resource. #art #artforkids #selfexpression #childhoodunplugged #ece #preschool

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Hands On Art Activities for Kids

I love art, and so do my four kids! This first activity is from my friend Jean Van’t Hul’s book, The Artful Parent. She asked if I was interested in reviewing it. Of course, I said yes!

It just so happened that when we got the book (last year), my daughter Emma was running a preschool camp for a few of the kids she babysits. I knew my kids would enjoy the book, but I thought Emma might find some fun camp activities in there, too.

The book is full of all sorts of fun creative ideas for kids! If you are a parent looking to build an art-filled home, this book is a fantastic place to start! It covers recommended materials, strategies for setting up an art space in your home, and dozens of engaging activities designed to appeal to kids with a broad range of personalities.

Simon Says, Draw!

After flipping through the book for a few days, Emma settled on Simon Says, Draw! for her camp activity.

Drawing activity for a group of kids.

Each kid got a turn being Simon, telling everyone at the table what to draw. It was a HUGE hit! I loved how well this art activity works with a wide age range of kids and an equally large range of abilities. The kids really enjoyed getting everyone to draw their favorite designs, shapes, and objects. Here are a few examples of a castle, some with a treasure box added.

Simon Says drawing game for kids

This activity is designed to take place around a huge sheet of paper like the way we do our free art for groups activity. We happen to have a glass top dining room table, so we combined that with dry erase pens. You could also do this with a large sheet of plexiglass, or a window.

The book has over 60 art activities for kids. “Paint a Cake” is next on our list of activities to try!

hands on art for children

More Art Activities for Kids

Art is a fantastic way to build fine motor skills and develop self expression.

Our Favorite Art Activities for Kids

Art is a fantastic way to build fine motor skills and develop self expression. This list features our favorite art activities for kids.

10 Days of Hands On Learning Series

Today’s post is Day 7 of the 10 day Hands On Learning series. Click on the image below to follow the entire series.

hands-on learning activities for kids

What are your favorite art activities for kids?

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  1. Simon Says Draw sounds like a really fun activity – I love that is is good for multiple ages, too. Finding activities for an entire family to do together is always a plus.

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