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Animal Stamping Farm Themed Literacy Activity

Practice letters and words with this animal stamping farm themed literacy activity. Post links to more other activities to create a farm themed learning unit.

Farm animal farm themed literacy activity for kids, plus more farm themed learning activities for kids.

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Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type is one of my favorite picture books. It’s actually one of the very first books I loved enough to review on this blog – way back before I even put photos in posts! Doreen Cronin’s humor pairs perfectly with Betsy Lewin’s illustrations for a book that appeals to adults as well as children. So of course I grinned when I heard it was this week’s Virtual Book Club for Kids pick! The beauty of joining in this series is that it reminds of all the fun things I did with my older kids, and then I get to enjoy them with my youngest daughter.

Farm Animal Stamping: A Farm Themed Literacy Activity

Adorable farm themed literacy activity for kids - stamp the letters, practicing sight words and letter recognition.

Anna is a very visual and sensory learner who is just barely starting to show an interest in letters. I knew she would enjoy this farm animal stamping page, and it gives her some great practice in letter recognition. She used our Contact USA letter stamps, which are designed to imitate your classic typewriter font. I actually planned for her to use our Melissa and Doug wooden alphabet stamp set, but it turns out I accidentally packed that. Hazards of being in the middle of a move… The Melissa and Doug stamps are chunkier, but the Contact USA stamps are taller, and Anna really enjoyed using them (they are typically “mine” rather than the kids’ to use).

More Farm Themed Learning Activities for Kids

Be sure to check out these other fun farm themed learning activities. I’ll be updating this posts with more ideas from my co-hosts in the morning to give you a complete farm themed preschool learning unit.

Farm Learning Toys for Kids

I’m a huge believer in learning through play, so I couldn’t resist featuring these fun farm themed learning toys for kids.

This Farm Toob is great for sensory bins and other pretend play.

These farm animals from Learning Resources are easy for younger children to play with – no choking hazards! The larger size also makes these great for talking about how farm animals are similar and different from one another.

Add some farm fun to math activities with these farm animal counters. They are perfect for color sorting, counting, and talking about the different animals.

Use this soft plush farm house set for all of our favorite farm themed picture books for kids! Besides Click, Clack, Moo, we love Little Blue Truck and Big Red Barn.Kids love role playing farm life with this simple LEGO DUPLO farm set.

Do you have a favorite farm themed literacy activity or another farm themed learning activity we should try? How about favorite farm toys? Share ideas in the comments and on my Facebook page. You can also tag me on Instagram

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